Saturday, November 05, 2005

"One set of rules for us... another set for the little people"

Book Review: Do As I Say (Not As I Do)

Do As I Say (Not As I Do) : Profiles in Liberal HypocrisyThe detailed reporting in this book is truly surprising: Michael Moore owns stock in Halliburton and, while filming 'Roger and Me', drove a German automobile. Al Franken, throughout his entire career, has hired over 110 people - only one of whom was African-American. The Clintons and Ted Kennedy lambast school vouchers while sending their own precious progeny to private schools.

Babs Streisand laments the destruction of the rainforest while enjoying the luxury of a 12,000 square foot mansion made of - yes - wood. And her annual water bill of $22,000 keeps her lawn green while she rails against the American consumer culture. She is driven around in an SUV and has, in the past, made rounds in Beverly Hills in a motor home due to an aversion to public bathrooms.

Nancy Pelosi -- an avowed union supporter -- has ownership stakes in a resort, vineyard and some restaurants, all of which are strictly non-unionized. And while she advocates far-reaching environmental regulations, the country club she partially owns has failed to meet existing environmental regulations for nearly a decade (including a failure to protect an endangered species).

The eye-opening list goes on and on. Schweizer has done an astronomical amount of research into the bloviating voices of some mediacrats who, true to historical form, advocate one form of government for the little people and another for themselves. I suppose it's not so surprising that these public figures were to get away with such hypocritical behavior -- without any scrutiny -- for so long. It's probably more surprising that they've been exposed at all.

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