Sunday, March 18, 2007

Iran and the U.S.: transcript from secret negotiations

Our patented Blogoscopic™ technology offers us several advantages over conventional blogs. You know, blogs like LGF, Atlas Shrugs, and Gateway Pundit, which rely upon gathering facts, photos, and attribution. Unburdened with these mundane details, the Blogoscope's latest junket has scooped the world press.

You say you didn't know about the back-channel negotiations between Iran's President Ahmadinejad and a secret diplomatic representative from the U.S.? Try to control your excitement and scroll down very slowly to view this exclusive transcript.

You must know that Iran is a united, coherent and wise nation.

Some countries intend to introduce Iranians to the world as a violent nation with weapons.

We will not back down from our stance and we believe that nuclear energy is our inalienable right.

Would you consider a cultural exchange? For instance, Britney Spears might be available for a concert tour...

Could you throw in JT?

Timberlake? He's touring in Nashville. Maybe in a couple of months.

Well, we couldn't possibly suspend uranium enrichment for a panty-less washout alone.

We're also prepared to open up some Burger King franchises in Iran. You and the Mullahs would have full control of the menu.

So we could wage a jihad against bacon cheeseburgers?

Absolutely. In fact I've brought a completely halal whopper...

Is that what I've been smelling? It smells delicious!

Then, may I present...

...the halal whopper with Cheese and synthetic bacon?

That looks fantastic! Do you have some fries?

Absolutely, they're in the limo. Let me run down and get them.

...mmm... I can't wait for the fries... I'll just unwrap this burger...

**Hehe!** The exploding burger trick. It gets 'em every time. Negotiations... are... complete.

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