Thursday, March 01, 2007

Print out your own Carbon Credits!

Records show that Al and Tipper Gore paid a monthly gas-and-electric bill of $2,400 for their 20-room mansion and related buildings. That includes $500 a month for their poolhouse. Gore assuaged his guilt by buying "carbon offsets" to make up for his $30K annual energy tab.

Well, I've got spectacular news! Carbon Credits aren't just for the filthy rich any longer. Even the rabble -- yes, you and me -- can have access to these incredible investment vehicles.

Instructions for use

1) Print a copy of the 20 Carbon Credit note, above
2) Find a gullible liberal someone who bought a ticket to An Inconvenient Truth
3) Sell that person the note
4) Repeat until you run out of imbeciles or printer paper, which ever comes first

Yes, it's just... that... simple!

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