Monday, April 22, 2019

UNEXPECTEDLY: Medicare and Social Security Circling the Drain

The entitlement crisis, which will impact America's most vulnerable before all others, is headed straight for us like the asteroid from Armageddon. Seven years, at most, is all we have.

Remember the last time Republicans tried to address the looming entitlement crisis? Do you recall how the Democrats responded? Did they propose common-sense reforms? Raising the eligibility ages of recipients? Something, anything to attack the imminent crisis?

Uhm, no. You got it. They aired nonstop commericals of Paul Ryan -- then a key Republican helping George W. Bush try to reform these programs -- pushing Granny off a cliff.

Here's the bottom line. This crisis is entirely on the Democrats' hands.

Not only did they invent this unconstitutional madness (which Article empowers the government to interfere in retirement services and health care? Asking for a friend), but they have literally nuked any any efforts to address the shortfalls.

And, as you may have guessed, Democrats are now offering preferential treatment to illegal aliens over American citizens. But I'm sure they're all doing the jobs Americans won't do.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


Anonymous said...

If the democRATs would pay back all of the money they stole er um 'borrowed' from the Social Security Trust Fund back when, the system would possibly still be solvent. But they haven't and they won't since it was used to float some of their vote buying schemes, I mean worthwhile social projects.

Fat Hubie said...

They don't really want a bunch of old people with nothing to lose marching on Washington!

Babydoc said...

There is a reason pyramid schemes are illegal...because they ALWAYS eventually collapse when the supply of entry level suckers runs out.

Social Security was an evil scam to begin with, training/indoctrinating people into believing that it is the government's job to provide for one's retirement. As Lady Thatcher so correctly noted is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

Thwre is NO justification in the Constitution for the federal government to be paying for ANYTHING for all these illegal alien invaders, and the fact that so many people so willfully refuse to understand that the concept of social security makes us slaves to the federal government is a mark of the success achieved by the Gramscian bastards.

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