Friday, October 02, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Democrat Party is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Communist Red China

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American Ingrate: Ilhan Omar and the Progressive-Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party
The Democrat Party is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Communist Red China: Stu Cvrk
‘Contempt For Voters’: Sen. Hawley on Democrats’ Plans To Pack The Courts, Eliminate Filibuster: Scott Morefield
The More Than 20 Times Donald Trump Denounced Racism: Post Millenial

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump test positive for coronavirus: Anthony Leonardi
President Trump Discusses First Presidential Debate With Sean Hannity: CTH
Mike Pence and second lady test negative for COVID-19 after Trump infected: Mike Brest

Judge Rejects HHS Effort to Stall Release of Fauci Emails Until After Election: JW
Joe Biden can't be a centrist and entertain court-packing: Examiner

Cuomo sparks outrage with false claim about nursing home deaths: Cassidy Morrison
Gallup: Majority of Americans think Trump will win election: Joseph Curl
Proud Boys, Black Lives Matter joint conference: We 'denounce White supremacy': Times


US economy gains 661,000 payrolls, unemployment rate ticks down to 7.9%: AOL
More than 32,000 airline workers furloughed as Pelosi and Democrats let aid expire: Jay Heflin
California to study, consider reparations for Black residents after landmark law passed: N'dea Yancey-Bragg

Trump populism plays havoc with Chamber of Commerce-GOP alliance: W. James Antle III
SFSU Professor Who Idolizes Terrorist Leila Khaled Just Won University Professors Award: David Lange
Markets Frightened As the Possibility of a Trump-less Economy Sinks In: Joe Hoft

Scandal Central

Devin Nunes: Current Election State, Combined with U.S. Intel Community, Equals a “Banana Republic”: CTH
Philadelphia Democrat machine corrupt as hell: Fox
Next Debate Moderator: Former Joe Biden Intern and Self-Proclaimed “Never Trump” Resistance Member: CTH


Next Debate Moderator: Former Joe Biden Intern and Self-Proclaimed “Never Trump” Resistance Member: CTH
Trump condemns white supremacy for the 100th time: Anthony Leonardi
Chris Wallace says Trump 'bears the primary responsibility for what happened' at debate: The Hill

“RSR Cycle” Repeats – Fox News John Roberts Goes Bananas on Racism: CTH
White House pressures Republicans to go after social media companies before election: Nihal Krishan
Evil: Here Were CNN’s Worst Moments Immediately After Trump’s COVID Diagnosis: Curtis Houck


Another Migrant Caravan Departs for the United States: Bronson Stocking
New York Times publishes pro-China Hong Kong councilwoman: ‘Like it or not, Hong Kong is part of China’: Haley Victory Smith
Israel arrests senior Hamas leader in West Bank: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Unscientific Attack On The Science Of Dr. Scott Atlasq: Victor Davis Hanson
Doctors: COVID-19 case counts, hospitalization numbers, and death counts are “meaningless”: Robert Zimmerman
On the rim of Mars’ Grand Canyon: Robert Zimmerman


Crooked As Hell: Earl of Taint
Only One Color In the Box: MOTUS
The Morning Skipism With Biden: Woodsterman


Anonymous said...

11 Jinping looked pretty happy last week, I'd like to know if Hicks was deliberately infected by one of Biden's weaponized ChiCom virus carriers.

commoncents said...

“I Think I’m Doing Very Well” — President Trump Addresses Nation After Testing Positive for COVID-19