Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Media’s Futile Information Suppression Complex

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The Media’s Futile Information Suppression Complex: WFB
FBI Confirms Custody of Hunter Biden Laptop and Authenticity of Emails: CTH
The Left’s War on the Constitution: Rob Natelson

Disgusting Professorial Teachings: Walter E. Williams
Suspect Charged With Hate Crime For Attacking Black Pro-Trump Rally Organizer: DC
New Jersey boards of election struggle with thousands of undeliverable ballots: News12

A Senate Pass for Twitter and Biden?: Shaun McCutcheon
McConnell Announces Full Senate Vote on Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Monday Oct. 26th: CTH
Yes, a Pro-China Group in America Supports a Black Lives Matter Founder: Mike Gonzalez

The Difference Between Insurrection And Defending Liberty: Tom Knighton
Steve Bannon Discusses Biden Scandal and Upcoming Debate With Maria Bartiromo: CTH
CHOP Zone Businesses Pursue Lawsuit Against Seattle: Fred Lucas


Biden would kill 5 million jobs: Brad Polumbo
Joe Biden’s Planned Economic Fiasco Should Cement a Donald Trump Victory: Brad Slager
EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler: You Don’t Have To Ban Fracking If You Regulate It To Death: Tristan Justice

Scandal Central

Computer shop owner who found alleged Hunter Biden emails told FBI he was 'really afraid': Charles Creitz
Here Are Hunter Biden's Alleged Text Messages Giuliani Turned Over to DE State Police: Beth Baumann
POTUS Supports an Independent Special Counsel to Investigate Foreign Payments to Biden Family: CTH

Meet your (Chinese) Facebook censors: Sohrab Ahmari
Federal Appeals Court Reminds Judges Not to Change Rules Before or During Election: Zack Smith
PA Can Count Ballots With Or Without Postmarks Through Nov. 6 After SCOTUS Deadlocks: Brianna Lyman


Cancer-stricken Rush Limbaugh says he can no longer deny he's 'under a death sentence': Brian Flood
Video: Final Debate Moderator ‘Tipping Off’ Hillary Campaign On Interview Questions In 2016: Ryan Saavedra
The Toobin Zoom Call Is Even Worse Than We Thought. Here's What They Were Talking About: Megan Fox

DHS Creates National Center for Countering Human Trafficking – Media Run Away (Literally): CTH
Reporter Asks Trump Why He Calls Biden a "Criminal," POTUS Drops a NUKE on Him: Rumble
Unhinged Joe Biden Attacks the Free Press, Democracy Itself: WFB


UAE Makes First Commercial Flight to Israel: Jack Beyrer
Half of Indians may have had coronavirus by February, govt panel estimates: THT
6 Russian military officers charged in vast hacking campaign: THT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

It Begins – DOJ Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Inc.: CTH
Studies: Fatality Rates From COVID Are Dropping Sharply Everywhere: Hot Air
What we know about the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google so far: Kate Cox


The Rise of The Corporate Censors: How America Is Drifting Toward The Chinese Model Of Media: Jonathan Turley
Democrats 'scarred' by 2016 election fear a late Trump surge: David M. Drucker
Sense, Not Sensibilities: MOTUS

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