Friday, October 30, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: If Biden Wins, He and Dr. Fauci Have Promised to Lock Us Down for 111 Days

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A Republic Under Assault by Tom Fitton
If Biden Wins, He and Dr. Fauci Pledge to Lock Us Down for 111 Days: EIB
Hillary: Pelosi to "Move Quickly" On Radical Legislation If Biden Wins: FedPapers
Rep. Ilhan Omar Vows to Push Socialist Agenda if Biden Wins: Chris Talgo

Black Education Matters: Thomas Sowell
Federal Appeals Court Delivers Win for Election Integrity in Minnesota: Bronson Stocking
The Left Doesn't Fear Amy Coney Barrett, It Fears the Constitution: David Harsanyi

Liberty Is The Key Issue Of The US 2020 Election: Lawrence Sellin
Philadelphia truck bomb: Is Antifa escalating its war on America?: Monica Showalter
Predawn ride-along with Border Patrol reveals unseen challenges of the job: Anna Giaritelli

Biden Is Running a Protection Racket: Sidney Powell
Hunter Biden Under Federal Investigation for Money Laundering Since 2019: Matt Vespa
FBI conducting criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and associates: Spencer Neale


The Results Are in: Reopening Fuels Record Economic Expansion: Joel Griffith
V-Shaped Recovery Achieved – Third Quarter GDP Growth a Record Breaking 33.1 Percent: CTH
Michigan Rep Debbie Dingell: Auto-workers tell me…they’re voting for President Trump: CTH

Scandal Central

Will They Really Get Away With It?: Chris Farrell
Meet Larry Krasner, the Rogue Prosecutor Wreaking Havoc in Philadelphia: Cully Stimson
Iran Deal Did Not Prevent Iran Bomb: Soona Samsami


My Resignation From The Intercept: Glenn Greenwald
Vimeo Removes Video Showing Ties Between Pro-China Group, Black Lives Matter Founder: Fred Lucas
Polling Narratives Collapse, Democrat COVID Strategy Backfires, MAGA Resolve Stronger Than Ever: CTH

Tucker: UPS can't explain how flash drive with Biden documents got separated from package: Mica Soellner
Polls Say What? – Joe Biden Schedules Closing Campaign Rally in Minnesota: CTH
Forensic Expert Concludes NY Post "Smoking Gun" Email Is 100 Percent Authentic: RS


China: Existential Threat to America: Gordon G. Chang
6 Cases of Chinese Infiltration of Universities and Research—and What Trump Is Doing About It: Fred Lucas
Preserve America’s Strategic Autonomy in the Taiwan Strait: War On the Rocks

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Recent Islamist Terrorist Attacks in France: Douglas Blair
Has Israel’s ‘war between the wars’ strategy worked against Iran in Syria?: Seth Frantzman
Nice terror attack: Jihadist seen smiling in photo taken as he entered Europe: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Suspicious timing: Is media’s reporting on COVID ‘surges’ timed to hurt Trump?: LifeSite
Joe Biden Wants to Jail Oil Executives for Causing Climate Change: Eric Worrall
CCP sets course for China to become tech power by 2035: ST


#Fightback: MOTUS
It Must Be Time: Feral Irishman
The Great Singapore Drive: ST

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So the man who killed SEAL Team 6 gets sworn in, closes the Country and gets its subjects into mandatory mouth bags for 3 months.
But, in those 111 days Carmello will help Joe down a flight of stairs and then be pictured in the back of a cargo plane wearing a blood soaked dress and taking the oath of office.
And look, here comes Hillary and Pelosi to guide us in the way of peace with Jay Insley right behind them shouting "It's only ugly till you eat it".