Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: It’s Not About the Money or the Prostitutes --- It’s About China and Blackmail

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A Republic Under Assault by Tom Fitton
It’s Not About the Money or the Prostitutes --- It’s About China and Blackmail: Sebastian Gorka
This is for All the Marbles: Karen Kataline
Joe Biden's dangerous, top secret 'foreign policy': Grady Means

Trump Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ To Shut Down U.S. If Biden Loses: Joy Pullmann
Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham (D-NC) Kicked Out of Family Home: Frankie Stockes
Police Shoot and Kill Man in Philadelphia After He Attacks Them With Knife: NBC

Senate confirms Barrett to Supreme Court: Susan Ferrechio
In western Arizona, over a hundred miles of new border wall is getting results: Anna Giaritelli
Early Voting Is a Cancer on the Electoral Process, and This Graph Proves It: Matt Margolis

Which Flavor of Commie Is Joe Biden?: Stu Cvrk
BLM Invades Affluent Portland Suburb, Demand Allegiance From Shoppers And Diners: ZH
The Deplorables March: Trump’s Army Chases China Joe Off Campaign Trail: CTH


President Trump Opens the Valve to Drain the Swamp With a New Executive Order: Stacey Lennox
'This Building Has Caused More Problems Than It Solved': Robby Soave
‘Retaliation’: L.A. County Sends Health Dept. Workers To Fine Church That Sued Newsom: Jon Brown

Scandal Central

Joe Biden: 10 Scandals, Controversies, and Embarrassments: Tom Elliott
President Trump Plans Quick Purge of Wray and Other NeverTrump Administration Officials if Reelected: RS
Joe Biden is just not qualified, for health reasons: Bob Zimmerman

Will They Really Get Away With It?: Chris Farrell
Former Acting DNI Richard Grenell Discusses Replacements for FBI and CIA Director in Second Term: CTH
Operation “Autumn Hope”: 45 Missing Children Recovered, 109 Trafficking Survivors Rescued, 177 Arrests: CTH


Lesley Stahl Lies to Our Faces: The Obama Administration Spied On The Trump Campaign: Margot Cleveland
Snopes Caught Covering Up for Democrats, Again: Tim Graham
Christiane Amanpour Gives The Game Away On Media Blackout Of Biden Scandal: I&I

Media Weaponize COVID Fear to Cover Biden Disappearance: CTH
Kirstie Alley SLAMS Big Tech For Squashing Hunter Biden Story: Gabriel Hays
Hunter Biden Called Clinton An ‘A**Hole’… ‘Looks Like Sh*T’: Natalie Winters


Putin comes out in support of Joe & Hunter Biden: M. Dowling
Did Joe Biden Give The Chinese The South China Sea?: Sam Faddis
US Coast Guard to net wayward Chinese fishing fleets: Scott Foster

Chinese State Media Chief Confirms CCP ‘Wants Biden’: Natalie Winters (9/21/20)
US says seven al Qaeda leaders killed in Syria airstrike: Haley Victory Smith
Blast at Pakistan religious school kills at least seven, including children: THT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NASA telescope uncovers definitive evidence of water on the moon: Jackson Ryan
How Expert Worship Is Ruining Science: Pasha Kamyshev
The Impersonator: Eric Feigl-Ding, COVID-19, and an implicit far-left agenda: Jordan Schachtel


Are Hunter and Ashley Biden Subliminally Trying to Take Down and Escape Creepy Controlling Dad, Joe Biden?: Lenora Thompson
China Makes Waves, Seeking To Control World Shipping: Ernest Istook
Vehicle Rams Line of Police Officers In Philadelphia: RS


Whitehall said...

The "Resistance" is taking its moves right out of Mao Tse-Tung's playbook.

Almost finished "Mao: the Unknown Story" by Chang and Halliday.

So evil that man and so similar the Left in the US has become.

Tim Gilley said...

One of my favorite books.