Friday, October 23, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Trove Of Documents Detail China's Control of Biden Family

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Trove Of Documents Details Biden Family’s Chinese Business Dealings: Chuck Ross
Kamala Harris listed as 'key contact' for Biden family business "ventures": Fox
Joe Biden’s Boosters Wrote Hunter’s Entire Resume: Paul Sperry

He Sought The ‘Big Guy’s’ Advice On All Foreign Deals: NoisyRm
You Gotta Love It! Trump Releases Full 60 Minutes Interview: EIB
‘We Know... the Laptop is Hunter’s and the Emails Are Real: Hannity

They’re Guilty Of Everything They Blamed Trump For: LBA
Joe Biden ad: America is an idea and 'we've never lived up to it': Monica Showalter
8 Highlights From the Second Biden-Trump Debate: Virginia Allen

What's the Impact on Families, Kids If Biden Keeps Schools Closed?: Rachel del Guidice
Trump Blasts Joe: Why Didn’t You Do It 4 Years Ago? I Ran Because Of You.: Tim Pearce
Biden’s Campaign Blew Up in a Bad Way: Conrad Black


Fourth Turning Election Year Crisis: Jim Quinn
Biden pledges to end oil industry: Abby Smith
Trump gets out of his own way to paint Biden as creature of Washington: Rob Crilly

Scandal Central

Report on Biden Activities with China: Balding’s World
Hunter Biden Business Associate, Lt Tony Bobulinski, Confirms Foreign Business Payoffs: CTH
2016 Deposition of Epstein Enabler, Ghislaine Maxwell, Released: CTH

Jack Posobiec: Get Ready to See A Lot of Media Collusion With Hunter Biden In the Emails: Ace
Leaked files show years of Hunter Biden's business dealings: Examiner
Questions Joe Biden Should Answer About Hunter's Emails: David Harsanyi


‘BIAS, HATRED AND RUDENESS’: Trump releases full ‘60 Minutes’ interview ahead of air date: Jarrett
Yes, NPR really posted this: Not The Bee
Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Caught Spreading Iran Disinformation: Rich Moran

Journalists & Liberals Believe Mexicans Come Here On Coyotes (You Know, The Dog?): WZ
Obama Couldn’t Draw a Crowd in Philadelphia: EIB
Stahl tells Pence he and Trump 'insulted 60 Minutes' by giving 'campaign speeches': The Hill


US and allies prioritize Indonesia as potential counterweight to China: Joel Gehrke
If China and Russia decided to team up and try to invade the United States…: Kyle Krebs
Make Russia Sanctions Effective Again - War on the Rocks: Edward Fishman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Google Suit: We're All Anti-Monopolists Now: Matt Stoller
The Content Value Hierarchy (CVH): Daniel Miessler
Twitter Blocks Daily Signal’s Kenosha Video With ‘Sensitive Material’ Warning: Virginia Allen


“I Don’t Make Money From China, You Do.”: MOTUS
Trick or Cheat: Stilton’s Place
Blind Horse: SDA

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Anonymous said...

The Biden campaign encouraged us to vote early, now the squirrel comes out of his tree for nuts and we see that he IS nuts. How do I recall my vote?