Saturday, July 30, 2005

Karl Rove, Diabolical Uberman

Picture credit: Washington College
Excel web sharing - spreadsheet collaboration over the Internet made easy with BadBlueEver wonder why the geniuses of the hard Left just don't get it? You know, the gravity of the war on terror. The magnitude and seriousness of the effort. And the borderline-treasonous, anti-American caterwauling of the MoveOn, Michael Moore, Hollywood left.

I have a theory. They've been distracted for lo these many months. They're too busy fuming, fulminating and hypothesizing about the diabolical Karl Rove, who defeats them at every turn. Consider the last few years of Rove coverage at the leading blog sites of the Left:

Karl Rove: CBS document forger
Karl Rove: The force behind Colorado re-districting
Karl Rove: Secret ally of the teamsters
Karl Rove: Sworn enemy of Paul Wellstone
Karl Rove: Vladimir Putin imitator
Karl Rove: Drop-out
Karl Rove: Democratic Tactician
Karl Rove: Anti-Christ
Karl Rove: Steel Tariff magnate.
Karl Rove: Dark Genius
Karl Rove: 2003 Planner: to take 55 seats in the Senate (whoops, I guess he did that)
Karl Rove: Economic policy wonk
Karl Rove: Class warfare expert
Karl Rove: Organizer of dirty-trick seminars
Karl Rove: The New Lee Atwater
Karl Rove: Howard Dean-supporter
Karl Rove: Enemy of the People
Karl Rove: Spouter of evil manure
Karl Rove: Party coordinator, use of 9/11 for political gain
Karl Rove: Political strategist for hire
Karl Rove: Saboteur
Karl Rove: George W. Bush Baby-sitter
Karl Rove: Donald Segretti-Protege
Karl Rove: Hypnotic Leader
Karl Rove: The New McCarthy
Karl Rove: Vetting John Roberts
Karl Rove: Fired by Bush in 1992 for leaking information to Robert Novak
Karl Rove: Finally, in his last throes!
Karl Rove: Coordinator of Depression-era Economics

Consider how deliciously maddening this must be to the Kosmonauts. Rove, a superior intellect, capable of thinking five or six moves ahead matched up against the combined brainpower of Biden, Kennedy, and Pelosi.

It's like the battle versus Coke and Pepsi. Only Rove is both Coke and Pepsi, while the hard Left is Fanta.

Perhaps one day they'll figure out the character of the real enemy. I just wouldn't count on it anytime soon.

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