Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The New York Times Super Excited About Massive Gun Registration Schemes!

By William Teach

Despite anti-gunnite talking points, most law abiding gun owners are not against background checks. We have no problem with making sure that the person attempting to purchase a firearm is not a bad person. But, do background checks actually stop Bad Guys from getting guns? For the most part, no. Hence, the NRA is not suggesting that we do away with the backgrounds check system, they just think it’s absurd to expand it, because it will almost never stop a bad character from getting a gun. And they are against the gun registration schemes of the anti-gunnites, because it is simply a big government control scheme. Furthermore, the government fails to enter those who are “adjudicated mentally incompetent into the National Instant Check System.” But, nothing will ever stop the gun haters from pushing their schemes

Katie Couric Finally Apologizes For Her Fraudulent Anti-Gun Documentary

By Guy Bentley

Katie Couric apologized and accepted responsibility for misrepresenting gun rights activists in her upcoming documentary “Under the Gun,” Monday.

“I take responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange I had with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League,” Couric said in a statement.

The Global News anchor for Yahoo has been under fire ever since the Washington Free Beacon revealed Couric’s documentary was intentionally edited to make pro-gun Americans appear incapable of justifying their views.

At one point in the film, Couric asks the Virginia Citizens Defense League, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

Larwyn's Linx: Illegals vs. Vets -- Trump Has A Point; The Left’s Depraved War on America’s Heroes

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Illegals vs. Vets: Trump Has A Point: Mickey Kaus
Memorials Under Assault: The Left’s Depraved War on America’s Heroes: Nate Madden
Remaking Rutland with Refugees: Sonia Bailley

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Sanders Says Superdelegates Should Consider Clinton’s Email Scandal: Melissa Chan
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While You Were Crying Over a Dead Ape, 125,000 Babies Were Just Murdered: Matt Walsh
Why Trump attacked Martinez: Byron York
A Child’s Life Will Always Be More Important Than a Gorilla’s: Cassy Fiano


Unintended Humor: Leftists Try to Rationalize Venezuela’s Collapse: Dan Mitchell
Gov. Rauner vows to veto Madigan budget: Rick Pearson and Monique Garcia
Map of States with E-Verify Laws: NUSA

Scandal Central

Former State Dept. watchdog debunks central Clinton email claim: Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne
Eric Holder says Edward Snowden performed a 'public service': Matthew Jaffe
Feds Divert MILLIONS To ‘Slush Fund’ That Fuels These Liberal Activist Groups: Richard Pollock

Climate, Energy and Regulations

3 Years Of Painful Cuts Sets Markets Up For Serious Supply Crunch: Nick Cunningham


My Advice to the Broads: The Z Man
When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have New Age Beliefs: WeaponsMan
Howard Bryant of ESPN bashes cops for singing National Anthem: FAM

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Weekly Standard’s P.J. O’Rourke endorses Hillary Clinton: FAM

CNN Buries Katie Couric Controversy, Stelter Plays Along: Cable Game
ESPN Writer Views Cops Singing National Anthem as ‘Authoritarian Shift’: John S. Roberts
On eve of Memorial Day, lawmakers blast VA failures: Sarah Westwood


Obama's Ho Chi Minh Trail: Daniel Greenfield
French Jews flee Paris suburbs over rising anti-Semitism: Times of Israel
In 30 seconds: Why Brexit is going to win on June 23: Commentator

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Spatial Computing: why Tim Cook better worry: Robert Scoble
Ancient tsunamis on Mars?: EarthSky
Tor switches to DuckDuckGo search results by default: Natasha Lomas


‘When you find my body...’ wrote dying hiker lost along the Appalachian Trail: Michael E. Miller
Was Bill Kristol Planning Another Political Party All Along?: GotNews
Recalling Justice Scalia's timeless warning against an unrestrained federal government: Kevin Mooney

Image: French Jews flee Paris suburbs over rising anti-Semitism
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Shut Up!: The Bizarre War that One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment

QOTD: "Without the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, would be reduced to "just words on paper," Scalia warned. He also reminded audience members that the Founding Fathers did not deliberate over the Bill of Rights during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Instead, they debated over structure of the federal government.

The most damaging change to this structure came in the form of the 17th Amendment, which provided for the direct, popular election of U.S. senators, Scalia said. Prior to when the amendment was ratified in 1913, state legislators would appoint U.S. senators. While this amendment was viewed as step forward for democracy, Scalia argued that it removed a key component of the constitutional structure the framers had put in place to protect federalism and state interests.

"You now have senators who have no connection to the state government, never been in state government and some of them have never been to the state," Scalia observed during his talk." --Kevin Mooney

Monday, May 30, 2016

This Is Not The America My Parents Immigrated To In 1957

By The Burning Platform

Not that I remember what America was like in 1957, as I was not yet five years old. Years later, when I was old enough to understand, they told me their story. Briefly, it goes like this.

Dad was born in Romania (Czernowitz in Northern Bulovina), but he identified (haha) as German because, well, his dad was German, his mom was German, they spoke German and kept German customs, and lived in a German community so, applying the “quacking duck” theory, that’s what he was. Mom was born in Yugoslavia (now, Slovenia), but she identified as German for the same reasons as dad did. The Nazi regime would refer to folks such as my parents as “Volksdeutsche” —- being German as a people or race, regardless of citizenship.

Larwyn's Linx: Trump Not Fake Enough; CAIR Denounces US Military on Memorial Day; Mass Deportation Would Pay For Itself

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Trump Not Fake Enough!: Mickey Kaus
CAIR Denounces US Military on Memorial Day: Ryan Mauro
As I Noted 10 Years Ago, Mass Deportation Would Pay For Itself: Edwin S. Rubenstein

Obama logs 291st round of golf as president: Paul Bedard
Jerk Alert: Bernie Sanders Was “Unbelievably Abusive” to Employees: Tammy Bruce
New poll out of Oregon bears more bad news for Hillary Clinton: Twitchy

Anti-Trump Rioters And Their Violent, Racist Sign: Robert Gehl
Trump ripped over how he referred to Memorial Day at Rolling Thunder event: Twitchy
Rubio: I apologized privately to Trump for implying he had a small wiener: Hot Air

Warning to West Virginia: federal refugee program looks for fresh meat: Ann Corcoran
Religious Freedom in an Age of Secularism: Star Parker
Democrat Utopia of Chicago Celebrates Memorial Day with Rampant Violence: RWN


Capitalism v. Socialism: John Steele Gordon
Whole Foods' 365: Where Kiosks Replace Workers: Chriss W. Street
Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian: George Reisman (2005)

Scandal Central

Flashback: Hillary’s First Email Scandal, Project X: LI
Obama to release 2 dozen of ‘worst of worst’ Gitmo jihadis by end of July: Creeping
The Dead are Alive and Voting in California: Daniel Greenfield

The Clintons’ First Email Scandal: Project X 1996-1998: Jeff Dunetz
Caliphornia: Vietnam War Veterans memorial desecrated by vandals in Venice: BNI
Policy Expert: Obama’s Education Agenda Undermines American Values: Ginni Thomas


Target CEO Claims Bathroom Policy Not Hurting Sales, Instead Blames...: Raise the Flag
Awesome! The Rolling Thunder Run roars into D.C.: Twitchy
Female Voters Shred 'Reckless' Hillary Clinton Over Email Server: Matt Vespa

Sometimes, Heads Should Roll: Kevin D. Williamson
When will the media be held responsible for its lies about guns?: Jay Caruso
Memorial Day Campaign 2016: The Year of Living Furiously: Roger L. Simon


Congressman: ‘Unconscionable’ Obama’s Syrian Refugee Surge Included No Christians: Creeping
Venezuela Drifts Into New Territory: Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown: A Stunned New York Times
Cash-Strapped ISIS Is Selling Sex Slaves On Facebook: Asking Price $8,000 Each: ZH

What is Islamophobia?: Gates of Vienna (2011)
Muslim wearing “I’m Muslim, don’t panic” t-shirt is beaten by other Muslims: Robert Spencer
Outrage as Dutch authorities give up to €10k to refugees to ‘go shopping’: RT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Here You Go TSA, Delta Fixed Security Checkpoints For You: PopMech
Technology That Hasn’t Been Used: Arts Mechanical
Ancient Travels to the Americas or a Modern Forgery? Who Made the Bat Creek Inscription?: Natalia Klimczak


Memorial Day 2016: MOTUS
I am proud to be the widow of Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto, USMC: Rachel Porto
A baker's dozen of Medal of Honor recipients you should know about: David Wilkes

The Tragic Story Of This Con Artist And His Epic, Luxurious Victorian Mansion: All Day
Big Sale At The Clinton Foundation: Earl of Taint
Game Over: The Burning Platform

Image: Memorial Day 2016
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QOTD: "In 1945, both Germany and Korea were divided into two areas, one under western, capitalist control, and one under communist control. Four decades later, West Germany and South Korea were thriving, first-world countries, creating wealth and spreading it widely across the socioeconomic spectrum. East Germany (which disappeared in 1989) and North Korea (unfortunately still with us) were hellholes of poverty and tyranny.

Today we have another natural experiment testing whether socialism or capitalism works better. In 1973, Chile was rescued from communism under Salvador Allende with a military coup and economic (and eventually political) reforms began. At that point Chile’s economic freedom as among the lowest in the world. Venezuela’s in 1975 was among the highest. Today the economic freedom of the two countries is reversed. So are their economic situations. In the 41 years since 1975, the Venezuelan economy has shrunk by 17 percent. Chile’s has grown by 287 percent. By virtually every measure Chile’s situation has radically improved, while Venezuela’s has sharply deteriorated." --John Steele Gordon, "Capitalism v. Socialism"

Sunday, May 29, 2016

HIROSHIMA: Obama "just put a knife in America and turned it"

Just passed over the transom by Yuri, Savage lays waste to the Obama apology tour, Chapter XXXVI, this time visiting Hiroshima to honor the war dead:

Now, the Imperial Japanese Military, which he’s including with our heroes, committed thousands of war crimes in World War II, resulting in the deaths of millions of civilians and prisoners of war.

And yet your president, this anti-American walking disaster, stabbed all of our World War II dead in their graves. He spit on their graves.

Hey, I fixed that "Man Enough for Hillary" ad for you #ManEnough4Hillary

There. Fixed it for them.

Backstory here.

Larwyn's Linx: Trump's Intellectuals: They’re out there--beyond the Beltway; 12 steps to fight the liberal agenda

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Trump: Say, Did Obama Mention Pearl Harbor While In Japan?: William Teach
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Democrat State Rep. Barbara Norton Attacks Declaration Of Independence: HayRide
Vermont: Military College Changes Uniform Code for Muslim Hijabi: Creeping
Chicago: ‘We Could Be Looking at a Blood Bath’: Monica Davey and Mitch Smith

Levin Asks Conservative Brainiacs – Where Were You?: Brent Smith
Sanders moves to boot Barney Frank from DNC committee: Joel Gehrke
Hillary Clinton’s Emails: Lying in Plain Sight: Debra Saunders

Scandal Central

IG Report on Clinton’s Emails: Eugene Klely, FactCheck.org
Clinton has been burying emails since she was First Lady: Paul Sperry
Judge acknowledges Donald Trump's attacks, unseals files in Trump U suit: Josh Gerstein

Top 3 Lies Hillary Clinton Told About State Department Emails: PPD
Origin of key Clinton emails from report are a mystery: Stephen Braun, Jack Gillum and Chad Day, AP
The Scandal Over Clinton’s Emails Still Isn’t a Scandal (Caution: Troll Alert): Kurt Eichenwald

Climate, Energy and Regulations

Senators Slam Loretta Lynch: End The Climate Change Witch Hunt: ZH
Who Are the Real Luddites Around Here?: MOTUS
How Obama saved us: Maggie's Farm


EL BUSTED: Telemundo caught staging #NeverTrump Mexicans for camera shot: RebelPundit
LBJ’s Ad Men: Here’s How Clinton Can Beat Trump: Robert Mann and Zack Stanton
Trump crept a little bit closer to earning my vote today: Bookworm


Obama regrets these 36 (x 100,000) Americans are alive: DTG
Islamic State-loyal groups claim attacks on Filipino military: Caleb Weiss
Christians Beheaded and Slaughtered on Easter: Raymond Ibrahim

This is How a Bloody U.S.-China War Could Start: Chen Pekong
Senator Highlights Clinton Ties to Nigerian Donor: Daniel Wiser
The Suicide of the West Continues: Jim Hoft

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Next Samsung Galaxy smartphone could support 4K for virtual reality: Tech Times
Yes, this is the new NISMO GT-R: Paul Horrell, Top Gear
The NSA’s guide to the internet is the weirdest thing you’ll read today: MuckRock


DNA test traces origins of Hillary cackle to hyena ancestors: Cube
MSNBC Typo for the Win!: C&S
Her>oine: Sondrakistan

Image: At the 100th Indianapolis 500, up to 350,000 expected
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QOTD: "Do obscenities fall from [Donald Trump's] lips more readily than they did from Lyndon Johnson's or Richard Nixon's?

Are the circumstances of his three marriages more shameful than the circumstances of John F. Kennedy's pathologically unfaithful one—or that matter, Bill Clinton's humiliatingly unfaithful one? Have any of his egotistical excesses rivaled Andrew Jackson's killing a man in a duel over a racing bet and an insult to Jackson's wife?"" --Charles Kesler

Saturday, May 28, 2016

OBAMA'S LEGACY: The Terrorist Cancer is... Growing

By Marc A. Thiessen

Responding to criticism of President Obama’s handling of terrorism, White House press secretary Josh Earnest boasted Thursday of all the setbacks the Islamic State has experienced in recent months, noting that in Iraq “45 percent of the populated area that ISIL previously controlled has been retaken from them. In Syria, that figure is now 20 percent.”

Larwyn's Linx: A President Clinton Could Pardon Herself and Congress Might Be Powerless to Act

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A President Clinton Could Pardon Herself and Congress Might Be Powerless: Chris White
Mishandling classified information leads to prison (if your name isn’t Clinton): John Sexton
Muslim Congressman Bullies Muslims Who Don’t Want Terrorists in the US: Creeping

State Dept. Tries to Block Deposition of Hillary Clinton: Rachel Stockman
For Justice Department Lawyers, 'Uncertainty' Follows Texas Judge's Sanctions: Zoe Tillman
Clinton email headache is about to get worse: Julian Hattem

Why Trump Won, and Why the Current Crop of Purported Leaders Must Be Swept Aside: Ace
When Liberal Policies Fail: Stuart Schneiderman
Feds pouring Muslim migrants into Rand Paul’s hometown: Leo Hohmann

The Wimpening: The Z Man
Trump Courting Bern-outs, Not Conservatives?: Jen Kuznicki
Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon is Hillary Clinton: David Harsanyi


Why Obama’s New Overtime Regs Will Hurt More Than They Help: Nick Gillespie
The Most Powerful Wealth Generator There Is: Arts Mechanical
Congress: Kitzhaber administration tried to cover up Cover Oregon failures: Kristina Ribali

Scandal Central

DOJ seeks to prevent Judicial Watch from deposing Hillary Clinton: John Sexton
Justice Department lawyers get courtroom smackdown: Tom Temin
Hillary and Staff May Have Blown Counterterrorism Ops With ‘Sloppy’ Communications: Jeff Stein

Climate, Energy and Regulations

The Global Warming Shakedown, Part IV: Dan Mitchell
Trump: Cancel Paris, Cut Funds for UN Climate, Save the coal industry: JoNova
Trump Is Worse Than Everyone Thought On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something: William Teach


Kurtz wonders: Why is Trump still attacking other Republicans?: Ed Morrissey
Todd to Hillary: This IG report contradicts your previous statements, doesn’t it?: Ed Morrissey
Ted Cruz explains how media helped derail his campaign, vows to fight for party platform: Scoop

Does the AP style book say ‘lying’ is spelled ‘misstated key facts’ when the story is about Hillary?: Doug Powers
Leftists Riot In San Diego At Trump Rally, Here Are Some Of The Better Hippy Beat Down Videos: WZ
Brutal: MSNBC Panel Dumps on Hillary's Email Lies For Seven Straight Minutes: Guy Benson


The Life of Christians Living Amid Muslim Majorities: MB
Obama’s Sanctimonious Speech at Hiroshima : Kim Quade
Indian women 'sold' like products in a retail shop in Gulf states for $1,500. Andhra minister: MFS-TON

US productivity growth is set to fall for the first time in decades: James Pethokoukis
The Holocaust Iran Prevented: Abraham Blondeau
Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?: Ingrid Carlqvist

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

An Oculus exec wants to build affordable, wearable MRI machines: Sophie Charara
Grush, the gaming toothbrush, just won Intel's latest $1 million tech prize: Wareable
Thoughts On The Development Of The Smartwatch Market And Its Effect On Haute Horlogerie: Benjamin Teisseire


Getting Tired of All That Hopey Changey Crap? Feel the Bern.: MOTUS
Frank Caliendo mixes imitations of Trump and Chewbacca mask lady: Red Alert
Finding Founding Fathers Funnies: Boston 1775

Image: Getting Tired of All That Hopey Changey Crap? Feel the Bern.
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Friday, May 27, 2016

The "Palestine" Hoax

By Daniel Greenfield

150 years ago, Mark Twain visited Muslim-occupied Israel and wrote of "unpeopled deserts" and "mounds of barrenness", of "forlorn" and "untenanted" cities.

Palestine is "desolate", he concluded. "One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings." The same is true of the Palestinian Museum which opened with much fanfare and one slight problem. While admission is free, there's nothing inside for any of the visitors to see except the bare walls.

The Palestinian Museum had been in the works since 1998, but has no exhibits. The museum cost $24 million. All it has to show for it are a few low sloping sandy buildings indistinguishable from the dirt and a "garden" of scraggly bushes and shrubs. The Palestinian Museum is open, but there's nothing inside.

PSALM 23: A Song of David...

Even when clouds darken and all hope appears to be slipping from our grasp:

1A song of David. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.   אמִזְמוֹר לְדָוִד יְהֹוָה רֹעִי לֹא אֶחְסָר:
A song of David: The Rabbis said: Wherever it says: “A song of David,” he would play [his musical instrument] and afterwards the Shechinah would rest on him. It is a song to bring the holy spirit upon David. And, wherever it says: “Of David, a song,” the Shechinah rested on him [first] and then he recited a song.  
The Lord is my shepherd: In this desert where I am going, [therefore] I am confident that I will lack nothing.  

INFOGRAPHIC: Mr. Obama Claims the Prize as the Greatest Gun Salesman in World History

Spotted at Western Rifle Shooters Association, this helpful infographic summarizes the wonderful popularization of gun ownership, the rampant weakening of unconsitutional gun control laws, and the ascent of concealed carry among the American population.

Obama's legacy will include, at a minimum, the following historical benchmarks:

• The appreciation of Smith & Wesson stock by a mere 1,100 percent (coulda, shoulda, woulda)
• Increasing Black Friday gun sales each and every year since 2009
• A tripling of aggregate gun sales when comparing the Bush and Obama administrations

Well done, President Nobel Peace Prize!

See the entire infographic here.

Larwyn's Linx: Game Over: EmailGate Just Crippled the Clinton Express; Bernie Hits Bump on Univision: Speechless on Socialism’s Failures

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Game Over: EmailGate Just Crippled the Clinton Express: John R. Schindler
Posh New Obama Mansion Just 1,000 Feet From Islamic Center Of Washington: Eric Owens
Tom Cotton Tells the Truth About Harry Reid: Steven Hayward

Hillary Clinton is Compromised: Noah Rothman
We Now Know Hillary Lied Multiple Times About Her Email Server: Edward Morrissey
Hillary Clinton’s endless lies: Boston Heard

Clinton’s style of deception more insidious than Trump’s: Jonah Goldberg
First deposition from Clinton email case released: Sarah Westwood
Trump-Sanders debate would be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare: Jake Novak

Reports: Obama to Liberate Up to 24 Prisoners From Guantánamo: Edwin Mora
40+ House Republicans Back Obama's Transgender Exec. Order: David McIntosh
D.C. ignoring court order to issue concealed-carry permits, columnist says: Todd Masson


Bernie Hits Bump on Univision: Speechless on Socialism’s Failures: Edgard Portela
“Fight For $15” Campaign a Big Labor Power Scam: ARsquared
How Old are US Computer Systems? An 8'' Floppy Disc Houses Nuclear Targeting: ZH

Scandal Central

Six Clinton lies contradictions exposed by State's audit: Sarah Westwood
Clinton camp blames 'poor' record-keeping system at State Dept.: Pete Kasperowicz
Hillary Clinton aide moves to block release of deposition video: Josh Gerstein

Documents: Mexican Cartels Used Fast and Furious Guns For Mass Killings: Katie Pavlich
Under investigation, Mayor de Blasio’s administration is acting like it has plenty to hide.: Set Barron
Bill Clinton’s Personal Aide — With No Security Clearance — Operated Hillary’s Email Server: HillaryDaily


Professor: Reading to your kids is racist: Katherine Timpf
Gavin McInnes Eviscerates a Halfwit Feminazi: MB
DePaul protects protesters who crash Yiannopoulos event, not the crowd that came to see him: Matt Lamb

It's Come to This: #ManEnoughForJohnson: Instapundit
CNN Host: We’re Not Airing Bill Clinton’s Dirty Laundry Here: Tammy Bruce
Pompeo: Clinton server like putting classified info on Twitter: Rudy Takala


The Palestine Hoax: Sultan Knish
Misrepresenting the Threat of Islam: James A. Lyons and Clare M. Lopez
The world's largest refugee camp is to be emptied - Europe could be the next stop: Speisa

Obama Admin Considers Permitting Advanced Russian Arms Sales to Iran: Adam Kredo
Russia Flight Tests Anti-Satellite Missile: Bill Gertz
The Dhimmi Archbishop of Cologne is at it Again: Gates of Vienna

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Senate bill would let FBI read your emails without a court order: CNet
Google surprisingly wins $9bn ruling over Oracle, fair use affirmed by court: Android Community
Microsoft bangs the final nail in Nokia Devices’ coffin, will lay off 1,850: Peter Bright


“We Are On Correct Path Comrades” – take 3876: MOTUS
Reality 7, Fantasy 0: The Z Man
I Could Watch This All Day: Via YT

Image: 71 years after the first atomic strike, Obama calls for the end of nuclear weapons at Hiroshima
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: AXANAR

QOTD: "Mrs. Clinton has insisted she would “talk to anybody, any time” about the emails, adding, “I’ve encouraged all of [my staff] to be very forthcoming.” ...[Yet her] three top staffers, including Huma Abedin, all refused to talk to the inspector general.

Clinton has insisted her information was secure... [Yet the] inspector general found that an adviser to Bill Clinton had to shut down the server on Jan. 9, 2011, because he believed “someone was trying to hack us.” Later that day he reported “we were attacked again so I shut [the server] down for a few min.”

The incident was never reported to computer security personnel at State.

And, of course, Clinton insists none of the information transmitted was classified “at the time,” but today we know at least 2,000 of Clinton’s messages were classified, some of them as “top secret.”

So many lies, so little time. And so very much for the FBI to sort out, let’s hope before November." --Boston Herald Staff

Thursday, May 26, 2016

ONE NIGHT IN BENGHAZI: Mark 'Oz' Geist Recounts a Tale of Heroism

By Mark Tapson

Editor's note: Below are the video and transcript to Mark Geist's live interview with Truth Revolt editor and Shillman Journalism Fellow Mark Tapson at the David Horowitz Freedom Center's 2016 West Coast Retreat. The event was held April 8-10 at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA.

Mark Tapson: I have the distinct privilege tonight to share the stage with one of the heroes of the 2012 Benghazi attacks and the coauthor of the book "Thirteen Hours."  How many people here have either read the book or seen the movie "Thirteen Hours" or both?  Okay, pretty good.  I strongly recommend both.  The book is a page-turning thriller and the movie is one of the best action flicks ever, and I'm a big action movie fan, but both of these have a key difference in them and that’s that the events that they depict were real and they were as serious as a heart attack.  And that adds a very affecting emotional dimension to both reading the book and watching the movie, so I recommend them both. 

THANKS, OBAMA! Only Eight Iranian Missile Launches Since Nuke Deal Signed!

First, the Obama administration lied its collective asses off regarding every detail of the Iran nuclear deal, virtually guaranteeing a war or a major terror attack involving the West.

Next, they molded a Gumby-spined media into a propaganda arm of the administration, using payola and low-information journalists to spread their message of horses***.

As a result, in addition to kidnapping U.S. service personnel and humiliating them on global television, Iran has begun aggressively launching missiles in all directions, threatening its neighbors and embarrassing President Mom-pants.

Larwyn's Linx: State Dept IG: Clinton Violated Law and Refused to Speak to Investigators; Trump and the Supreme Court

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State Dept IG: Clinton Violated Law and Refused to Speak to Investigators: Andy McCarthy
Trump, Clinton, and the Supreme Court: John O. McGinnis
D.C. Attorney General Ignores Court Order, Refuses Gun Permits: Devin Watkins

After IG Report, Will Bernie Have the Guts to Take Hillary Down?: Roger L. Simon
The Party’s Over for Pro-Israel Dems: Jonathan S. Tobin
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The Mexico Way: Steve Sailer
Anti-Trump thugs shout 'Viva Mexico' while burning Trump banner: Todd Starnes
Schumer upends 9/11 Saudi suit bill at 11th hour: Paul Sperry

FBI: Illegal Alien Gangs Murdered Victims Near U.S. Immigration Headquarters: MRCtv
Levin: Hillary Clinton is a Criminal-in-Waiting: Phil Shiver
Hey, Bernie Sanders Supporters — All Roads Lead to Venezuela: Larry Elder


Hard Times & False Narratives: The Burning Platform
Feds To Spend $42 Million To Relocate Transgender Illegals To Texas: Tammy Bruce
11 states sue Obama administration over transgender bathroom guidance: Kelly Cohen

Scandal Central

Hillary Emails Confirm Private Server Set Up For Secrecy: Hillary Daily
Clinton Campaign Responds to IG Report By Again Claiming She Did Nothing Wrong: Katie Pavlich
Hillary-Huma email found in State Dept. IG report is being called SMOKING GUN!: Carmine Sabia

Has the IRS Been Illegally Deleting Records?: Phil Shiver
Tom Cotton: I Usually Ignore ‘Bitter, Vulgar, Incoherent Ramblings’ of Harry Reid--but Not Today: Blaze
Another list of vote fraud cases: John R. Lott

Climate, Energy and Regulations

Introducing the global warming speedometer: WUWT
EPA is reminded that Power Plan enforcement violates SCOTUS order: Jazz Shaw


A Guide to the Perplexed: Ploughshares and the Iran Deal Echo Chamber: CAMERA
The Fraud In “Gungate” Is Real, And Should End Katie Couric’s Career: Bob Owens
Why There's No Black Bill James: Steve Sailer

Turns Out American Sniper Chris Kyle Was A Bigger Hero Than Previously Thought: Erick Erickson
The Great Gawker Freakout: Jason Willick
Check out this rocket scientist's name: Tampa Bay

Bret Baier grills Hillary Clinton press secretary Fallon on damaging IG report!: Scoop
NRA hits back at Katie Couric for deceitfully edited anti-gun documentary: Twitchy
MSM Smears Trump With Anonymous Anti-Semitic Tweets, But Ignored Obama’s Rev. Wright Ties: Alexander Hart


Thanks Obama: Iran now says: “We can destroy all of Israel in under 8 minutes”: BNI
Shocker: White House Video Highlights Obama Bowing To Vietnamese Communists: WZ
Would there be a gag order on this?: BNI

The Muslim World is a Permanent Refugee Crisis: Daniel Greenfield
What has happened to Venezuela?: Michael Kennedy
Push To Hire Foreign Citizen Police Officers To Fight Migrant Crime: Virginia Hale

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Mark Zuckerberg changed how Facebook chooses what is news: Kristen Soltis Anderson
Adidas to sell robot-made shoes in Germany: DW
The case of the $629 Band-Aid — and what it reveals about American health care: Sarah Kliff


The lessons of Pearl Harbor 75 years later: Victor Davis Hanson
Why was Hillary trying to reach Vince Foster on day he died?: Leo Hohmann
Life’s Too Short For Fascists: MOTUS

Image: Levin: Hillary Clinton is a Criminal-in-Waiting
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QOTD: "Forget the Syrian Civil War for a moment. Even without the Sunnis and Shiites competing to give each other machete haircuts every sunny morning, there would still be a permanent Muslim refugee crisis. 

The vast majority of civil wars over the last ten years have taken place in Muslim countries. Muslim countries are also some of the poorest in the world. And Muslim countries also have high birth rates.

Combine violence and poverty with a population boom and you get a permanent migration crisis.

No matter what happens in Syria or Libya next year, that permanent migration crisis isn’t going away.

The Muslim world is expanding unsustainably. In the Middle East and Asia, Muslims tend to underperform their non-Muslim neighbors both educationally and economically. Oil is the only asset that gave Muslims any advantage and in the age of fracking, its value is a lot shakier than it used to be. " --Daniel Greenfield

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

STATE DEPARTMENT INSPECTOR GENERAL: Hillary's Private Bathoom Email Server Was, In Fact, Illegal

The Washington Post reluctantly reports:

The State Department’s independent watchdog has issued a highly critical analysis of Hillary Clinton’s email practices while running the department, concluding that Clinton failed to seek legal approval for her use of a private server and that agency staff members would not have given their blessing if it had been sought because of “security risks.”

AWESOME: Clinton Plans to Dissolve U.S. Border Within 100 Days of Taking Presidency

By Julia Hahn

A review of Clinton’s stated positions on the issue suggests she is perhaps the most extreme candidate on immigration ever to run for the office of the U.S. Presidency. Her views place her even further outside the mainstream of the American electorate than President Barack Obama, who systematically dismantled U.S. immigration law during his two terms in office.

Below are just a few of the extreme immigration positions held by Clinton.

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