Sunday, May 29, 2016

HIROSHIMA: Obama "just put a knife in America and turned it"

Just passed over the transom by Yuri, Savage lays waste to the Obama apology tour, Chapter XXXVI, this time visiting Hiroshima to honor the war dead:

Now, the Imperial Japanese Military, which he’s including with our heroes, committed thousands of war crimes in World War II, resulting in the deaths of millions of civilians and prisoners of war.

And yet your president, this anti-American walking disaster, stabbed all of our World War II dead in their graves. He spit on their graves.

So let me ask you something. How do you feel about your president spitting on U.S. military deaths in World War II?

Tell me who you lost in World War II that this ungrateful – oh, I wish this wasn’t a radio show; I wish I were just sitting in a barroom with you. I’d like to tell you what I really think of this man.

He honors all war dead in Hiroshima while the Japanese prime minster, Mr. Abi, says he has no plans to visit Pearl Harbor?

… [Obama] forgot the Rape of Nanking, the Bangka Island Massacre, where Australian Army nurses were raped and slaughtered by his friends.

He forgot the Bataan Death March conducted by the peaceful Japanese war machine.

He forgot the Sandakan Death March

He forgot murder and cannibalism on the Kokoda Track.

He forgot conscripting women for sexual slavery in Japanese Army brothels.

He forgot the mutilation and murder of Dutch civilians in Borneo.

He forgot the murder and cannibalism of captured American pilots.

He forgot the murder of American pilots and air crew at Midway.

He forgot the bombing of the hospital ship Manunda.

He forgot the sinking of the hospital ship Centaur.

He forgot the extermination of survivors of merchant ships sunk by the Japanese.

Barack Obama, your president, the most evil, anti-American enemy of these people, called Americans, told reporters in Japan his historic visit to Hiroshima will honor all those who were lost in World War II...

...It’s a new sad day, a new low.

He knows what he’s doing. He’s a smart guy.

Now, it’s true he was raised in a home that was run by a single mother, and a single mother poisoned his mind.

But I don’t excuse him. He’s the president of the United States.

He obviously was spoon-fed hatred for the United States of America by mommy. And now we have been putting up with it for over seven years.

And I told you that he would reach a new crescendo before this was over.

He loves putting the knife into America and turning it.

He loves throwing salt in our wounds.

He loves doing everything he can in the last days of his despotic regime to make everyone hate him even more.

As a brief sidenote, my Grandpa survived World War II and the Pacific Theater, but many, many, many other heroes did not.

We have a disgrace, a charlatan and a failure living on Pennsylvania Avenue and the day cannot come quick enough when we watch this man and his entire family pack up their belongings and leave the halls of power once and for all, hopefully to never be heard from again. Unlikely, I know, but -- then again -- I'm a dreamer.


Rod said...

If only the GOP had not run 2 liberals/progressives in 08 + 12!!@#%!

Unknown said...

What a commie POS if ever there was one. He needs to be in jail

Anonymous said...

My Father-in-law was a Marine anti-aircraft gunner on Midway, and he also wielded a nasty bayonet. He several times heard his captured friends being tortured at night, and he hated those sons of bitches.
Japan has never apologized to China for what they did to the Chinese either, Barack Obama is a piece of filth, human excrement and an ugly, manipulating human being. When he leaves the White House it should be burned to the ground to de-louse it and his memory should be deliberately erased, he is no American.

commoncents said...

Memorial Day 2016 - Freedom Isn't Free!

Anonymous said...

President Obama has previously spoken at Pearl Harbor (He is from Hawaii) and not a beep by the far right wing or tea party members. He goes to Japan, not to apologize but to seek peace. I read the speech, nowhere did I find where he apologize for the bomb. You are listening to to much Fox and Limbaugh.

The far right wingers are not thinking that the North Korea has atomic bombs and guess where they will drop it? (Japan/duh) Final parallel note, if you get invited to dinner (Japan), you don't insult your host (remind Japan, well you started it with Pearl Harbor.) President Obama "acted diplomatic" and professional on Friday which is not part of the Memorial Day weekend my fellow Americans!

Feel free to do show us where Obama is "apologizing for bombing Hiroshima and Nakasaki."

It is not an "apology" to both regret the use of a nuclear bomb on a city, and hope to find a better where in the future.

BTW, The Iran nuclear deal was to eliminate their nuclear weapons program by putting international inspectors into their sites and giving them financial and political incentives to rejoin the international community. It is you who seem to be the loathsome traitor.

Obama is a two term president of the US who has taken us from the brink of disaster created by neoCON scumbags Bush and Cheney to an era of relative peace and prosperity. Just because a bunch of ignorant racist cowards attack him from behind their computer screens doesn't make him a traitor. It just makes the accusers a bunch of pathetic imbeciles. I can see why you are so giddy about your new hero Trump. He was a draft dodging coward who wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him. Members of his own party have exposed him as an amoral pathological liar. I want to be there with you and your band of imbeciles when he gets his ass kicked in November. I can hardly wait.

This is not a complicated situation. You don’t need to be a political scientist, a politics expert, some sort of political historian or even a sociologist to see why there are so many who’ve flocked to Trump’s special brand of hate, ignorance and lies. Because he’s pandering to their bigotry, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia and overall ignorance. I’ve said it before, Trump is the living embodiment of basically every comments section on every right-wing blog and news source on the Internet. It’s as if one of these comments sections sprung to life and ran for president. That’s all this is.

And you want me to believe you hate him most for his “shredding of the Constitution?” Please! You hate him for his skin color and didn’t want to get caught saying so where others might see them voting that way. Sad part is, most of these ignorant asshats who think this way are too stupid to even know what President Obama has done to help them and others in the country. All they understand is hate, and they’ve got that one down cold.

Anonymous said...

So how many women and children should be burned alive? How many generations should be poisoned with Plutonium for the sins of the fathers? The atomic bombing was the second worst war crime in modern history after the Jewish Genocide. I get that you hate Obama, but you can drop the "jap hate" racist BS anytime. The men who fought the Pacific war are mostly long dead. What we did AFTER the Japanese tried to surrender AT LEAST SIX TIMES was an atrocity, and a shameful sin.

Loren said...

President Obama is weakening a strong country. Contrary to the leftist opinion the world is not a Kindergarten. Military power is a necessity. To even lay a wreath at a one time enemy's memorial shows weakness. And just so you know. Most people that hate Obama do not hate him for his skin color. That is just another shibboleth in the quiver of the cultural Marxists. We hate him because of his communist/Marxist/socialist ideology. Making people weak and dependent is a reasonable reason to hate someone.

Anonymous said...

So the Obama bots emerge spewing talking points in an attempt to shift the truth. Your Dear Golfing Leader is pleased to see you hoist the race card and carry his water. Perhaps one day we can re-live all of Dear Leader's great moments in history, why not start with Big Mitch: "all this for a flag?"