Saturday, May 07, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Pelosi, Vicente Fox plot to defeat Trump, Mexican calls Trump voters lazy drunks

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Pelosi, Vicente Fox plot to defeat Trump, Mexican calls Trump voters lazy drunks: Exam
The Obama Administration Thinks You're All Mindless A**holes: Aaron MacLean
Trump Effect: Obama Issues Executive Order on Transfer of Executive Power: Treehouse

Dear Ted Cruz: Thank You: John Gray and Brian Darling
Levin: How Will Trump Fight For Us?: CR Wire
Four Reversals, Two Days, One Huge Donald Trump Betrayal: Caleb Howe

Pelosi, Vicente Fox plot to defeat Trump, Mexican calls Trump voters lazy drunks: CExam
How John Roberts Begat Donald Trump: Ilya Shapiro
Ryan’s Primary Opponent, Paul Nehlen, Says: “Will Support Donald Trump”: Treehouse

Can Trump Disrupt the General Election as He Did the Primaries?: Michael Barone
Civil Rights Commissioner: Cutting Sentences Increases Black-On-Black Crime: Alex Pfeiffer
Gary Johnson, “Libertarian” Candidate: Jews Should Be Forced to Bake Nazi Cakes: MB


Labor Force Participation Rate Dropped to 62.8% In April: 94,044,000 Out: Susan Jones
Where are racial gaps in school test scores worst?: Steve Sailer
The Insane Hidden Tax Burden Quietly Eating Up Your Paycheck: John Gray

Scandal Central

Hillary’s latest email lie didn’t even last a week: Post
Romanian hacker who claims he breached Clinton server says he spoke with FBI at length: Fox
Woman Who Cashed Dead Man's Checks for Decades Faces Prison: ABC

Climate, Energy and Regulation

Ice Age Europe: More Dramatic Than You Thought: John Hinderaker
U.S. Has Lost 191,000 Mining Industry Jobs Since September 2014: CNS
It Takes 300 Hours to Become a Shampooer in Tennessee: Melissa Quinn


Inside Barack Obama's foreign policy 'echo chamber' and a 'ventriloquist' medai: David Martosko
"It's a nuisance, it's a distraction, because he can't win the nomination...": Althouse
Dick Cheney Supporting Trump: Tammy Bruce

It’s not about sexism: On Trump, Hillary’s “restless bitterness” and the end of the elites: Camille Paglia
Calling All Anti-Capitalists and Ivory Tower Educators: Check Out Venezuela: Susan Brown
Fallon: Clinton's Lawyer Is In Constant Contact with Justice Department: Jenna Lifhits


ISIS terrorist’s wishlist revealed after wife arrested, luggage seized at airport: Lisa Daftari
Obama Administration Finally Honors American Heroes Killed in Benghazi: Helle Dale
Suicide bomber taken down by poisoned arrow: Post

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New KFC Restaurant Run Entirely by Robots: Nick Bernabe
Swarms of quakes at Mount St. Helens suggest recharge: Sara Schlagel
We watched a team of hackers 'fully compromise' a power company in less than 24 hours: Paul Szoldra

Comics and Science: An Explosive Combination: Jon Chad
Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States: WaPo
First 3D images created using cosmic particles show hidden tunnels inside pyramid: DailyMail


Once a Marine, always a Marine. Indeed!: BNI
#HillaryByProxy: MOTUS
Are there buildings on VENUS?: DailyMail

Image: #HillaryByProxy
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Anonymous said...

America needs a President who will be as ruthless in achieving conservative goals as democrats have been pursuing perversity and folly. If Trumps is found shmearing the narrative to make the gains needed for America, ask me if I care, I care only about the results.

Mike aka Proof said...

That link to the Marine who punched a bear in the face was awesome. I'd bet that when he was going to school, he did not require a "safe space".

Anonymous said...

Good article on regulatory burdens, but folks totally underestimate the effect energy efficiency mandates are having on each one of us. The DOE requires minimum energy performance and the EPA is delisting and phasing out refrigerants, requiring buildings be tighter, and that heat pumps last only 10 years, and that's just one industry. The new rules make Jimmy Carter's efforts seem trivial - but it took 20 years to undo the damage he did. Being a democrat means never having to say you're sorry and when all is said and done you're the one who needs to apologize.