Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Inside the Anti-Trump Circus: Here Comes the Summer of Hate

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Inside the Anti-Trump Circus: Here Comes the Summer of Hate: Zombie
Trump triumphs in West Virginia, Nebraska: Ryan Lovelace
Is Trumpismo proving Bismarck right again?: James V. Capua

Clueless GOP Doesn't Realize It's Democrats Who Have the Problem: Roger L. Simon
Sanders Beats Clinton in W.Va., Pushes Ahead: Alexis Simendinger
Shocker! WV voters don't embrace Hillary’s pledge to bankrupt coal industry: Doug Powers

Twitter’s Traitors: Michelle Malkin
China Trade Actions Solidly Benefit Trump: On Purpose?: MishTalk
5 Lessons Trump’s Nomination Should Teach Republicans: Ben Shapiro

A Trump Win Would Destroy Clinton’s Legacy — and Obama’s: Jim Geraghty
President Obama’s Deceitful Legacy Tour: Roger Aronoff
Watch Obama’s Speech Writers Laugh About The Lies They Wrote for Him: ProgsToday


Texas vs. California Update for May 10, 2016: BattleSwarm
Hotel and Motorcade Costs for Obama’s Two-Day Riyadh Visit Total $3.16 Million: WFB
UVA student: ‘American’ identity ‘the most blatant microaggression’: Rob Shimshock

Scandal Central

After Only Nine Months On The Job, Administration's New FOIA Boss Calls It Quits: Tim Cushing
Blumenthal declines to say whether he's been interviewed in Clinton email probe: Sarah Westwood
Paul Ryan Says U.S. Must Admit Muslim Migrants, Sends Kids to Private School that Screens Them Out: Julia Hahn


Donald Trump is a visionary with talents our country needs: Jason Dov Greenblatt
America Rising Launches Senate Candidate Anti-Superhero Comics: ARP
Anheuser-Busch renames Budweiser as 'America': Aaron Smith

Obama’s Lawsuit Against NC Isn’t About Civil Rights. It’s About Crushing Dissent: David Harsanyi
CNN ERASES, omits “ALLAHU AKBAR” screams from Munich jihad stabbing rampage news report: IHTM
A Confession of Liberal Intolerance: Nicholas Kristof


Another Democrat's Willful Blindness Toward CAIR: IPT News
Non-Muslims Threatened by ‘Refugees’ for Declining to Participate in Islamic Prayers: Pamela Geller
S. African blacks continue to burn their schools in Limpopo province: PRAAG

Britain ‘sleepwalking to catastrophe’ over race: Trevor Phillips: John Bingham
Former Defense Secretary: Obama Was Never Serious About Acting to Stop Iranian Bomb: Tower
China scrambles fighters as U.S. sails warship near Chinese-claimed reef: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

You Can’t Leave Home Without It: A Temporary Tattoo Could Replace Your Credit Card: James LaDue
Russia to test unstoppable 'Satan 2' stealth nuke capable of wiping out an entire nation: Jasper Hamill
Here's What the First Full-Scale Test of the Hyperloop Will Look Like: Alissa Walker


Breaking Bad: It’s the Same Old Story: MOTUS
Captain America Civil War: The BEST Non Super-Hero , Super-Hero Movie Ever: Jeff Dunetz
Bill's Wife: SDA

Image: Inside the Anti-Trump Circus: Here Comes the Summer of Hate
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QOTD: "Let's forget about the 'ugly American' that we learned, that we knew, in the last century. We don't want that back, the 'ugly American.' We don't want back again the hate the 'Gringo.' "And this guy, it's exactly what it's promoting: Hate for the gringo, and hate for him, and hate for America." --Fmr. Mexican President Vicente Fox on Donald Trump

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