Sunday, May 01, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Is John Boehner auditioning to be Trump’s running mate?

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Is John Boehner auditioning to be Trump’s running mate?: Ed Morrissey
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Scandal Central

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Image: Muslim suspects arrested in ISIS plot to attack Israeli embassy in Rome and the Vatican
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QOTD: "Want to know why Obamacare is fully funded? Why the meager spending caps enacted in 2011 were busted? Why the debt limit was suspended so Washington could zoom past its $18 trillion credit line? Why Obama’s lawless executive order granting de facto amnesty to illegal aliens is proceeding apace? Why Obama is emptying Guantanamo Bay and planning to transfer detainees into the United States? Why the EPA continues to implement Obama’s climate-change agenda despite a Supreme Court stay of its anti-coal regulation? Why no official was impeached and no funding was slashed when the IRS was used as a political weapon against conservative groups? Why the Justice Department has a $27 billion budget that pays for its paralyzing investigations of the nation’s police departments while the attorney general threatens new legal action against climate-change “deniers” and “anti-Muslim” speech?

Thank John Boehner. To fight Obama on these and other progressive priorities would have required exploiting Congress’s constitutional authority, particularly the power of the purse. Boehner and other GOP leaders were given this power because voters believed their promises to fight. Empty promises.

While Boehner was surrendering, Donald Trump was backing him to the hilt: a staggering $100,000 contribution to the Congressional Leadership Fund — Boehner’s super PAC, formed largely to fend off conservative primary challenges against GOP establishment loyalists. It should be easy to remember that number, $100,000. It is the same amount Trump gave to the Clinton Foundation. That’s even more than the $60,000 Trump gave to Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, the super PAC of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (along with a $5,200 contribution to McConnell’s reelection campaign)." --Andrew C. McCarthy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Boehner is trying to push a brokered convention for Kasich, Bush, or most likely Rubio. To achieve this, he needs to "pour oil on the fire" to keep Cruz and Trump fighting.

Trump has a couple of safe choices for VP:
. 1) Pat Buchanan
. 2) Newt Gingrich

Senator Sessions is also possible but I doubt he wants it.

There is still time for Ted Cruz to make peace with Trump. He is still in the running to be Supreme Court Justice Cruz. All Ted has to do is avoid being manipulated by Bohener.