Friday, May 13, 2016

GOOD NEWS: Your Local Energy Companies Now Engaged in "Power-Shaming"

How much you wanna bet that the following is the result of a federally-funded program initiated by the rogue, lawless, and completely out-of-control Obama EPA?

To, wit: here is a snip from my latest online energy bill:

Gee, I wonder if they take square footage into account? (Hint: it would appear not).

Alas, no one appears to have told the marketing geniuses at Fizbin Power & Light that the entire climate alarmist campaign is a bunko scam that the globalist kooks at the UN admit is intended to exterminate capitalism.


4sleiborg said...

We have propane heat, range, and water heater. For some reason we use a lot less electricity than our neighbors who have an all-electric house. Golly, who'd have thought it??!

Mike aka Proof said...

I don't know that it's necessarily "power shaming". It might be, but when I go online, I see my power usage compared with all similar houses and energy efficient houses, I'm at the bottom of the chart. The solar panels on my roof probably have something to do with that. When I look at the same comparison for gas usage, mine tracks about the same, lower than the energy efficient guys until the dead of winter, when my usage tracks slightly higher than theirs, yet slightly below the average.

I think it's partially educational, making people aware that conservation could save them money. In some cases the utilities will even subsidize some conservation efforts because it increases their capacity easier and cheaper than building new plants. My utility installed an energy efficient blower motor on my central heating system at no charge last year*.

I'm not a "green weenie". The ROI on the solar system penciled out nicely. Even faster if rates continue to climb. Conservation efforts can put money back in your pocket. Don't let the fact that the utilities benefit too, dissuade you from a possible good thing.

*TANSTAAFL There's a small fee your utility charges you every month for projects like this. I see it as a return on my original investments.

Anonymous said...

How did we go from the usage of power being a personal and economic decision to one where Goobermint calls us energy retards? They are consumed with EFFICIENCY to the exclusion of practicality when there is no immediate reason to change much of anything. The hidden cost of regulation is bigger than huge, it is market meddling in the extreme but hey, no worries, you have lots of money right?

Anonymous said...

Duke Energy goes the extra step of sending us a separate quarterly report of our usage compared to our neighbors, mailed courtesy of the USPS. Maybe I should suggest they save some trees, time, and money and just add this useless piece of information to the bottom of the bill they already mail each month.

Anonymous said...

Showing that some electric utilities are ashamed of the product they sell. Current management seems to be telling the public that they don'r really want to be in the current line of business. If they could get people to stop using electricity, the entire company would switch to selling organic vitamins instead. Shame on you for buying the product we are offering. When we go out of business, you will just have to sweat out the long hot summer and freeze in the dark in January. They would suggest that you could heat on the coldest days by burning your furniture but that would create horrible indoor pollution.

Of course the shareholders really bought the stock for the dividend and they really need for the company to make a decent profit. So this is all liberals telling lies to other liberals so they can all feel better when they use the blow dryer. On a different day, the same people voice their opinion that fireplaces and wood stoves must be outlawed so we can have pristine air. Their idea of cuddling up in front of a cheery wood fire is to show a looped video of a fireplace on their big screen 4K TV.

This is all liberal madness. In a free market, the utility wants to sell you all the power you care to purchase.


XisDshiz said...

Its amazing that now companies are shaming you for purchasing their product.

I wonder how long in Obamerica until Government Motors begins shaming people for buying full sized cars and truck?

Anonymous said...

It is amazing assswipe phony DC Conservative BSers want to stop Trump and Give America another 4 years of Obama