Thursday, May 26, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: State Dept IG: Clinton Violated Law and Refused to Speak to Investigators; Trump and the Supreme Court

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State Dept IG: Clinton Violated Law and Refused to Speak to Investigators: Andy McCarthy
Trump, Clinton, and the Supreme Court: John O. McGinnis
D.C. Attorney General Ignores Court Order, Refuses Gun Permits: Devin Watkins

After IG Report, Will Bernie Have the Guts to Take Hillary Down?: Roger L. Simon
The Party’s Over for Pro-Israel Dems: Jonathan S. Tobin
Bernie or Bust!: Maggie's Farm

The Mexico Way: Steve Sailer
Anti-Trump thugs shout 'Viva Mexico' while burning Trump banner: Todd Starnes
Schumer upends 9/11 Saudi suit bill at 11th hour: Paul Sperry

FBI: Illegal Alien Gangs Murdered Victims Near U.S. Immigration Headquarters: MRCtv
Levin: Hillary Clinton is a Criminal-in-Waiting: Phil Shiver
Hey, Bernie Sanders Supporters — All Roads Lead to Venezuela: Larry Elder


Hard Times & False Narratives: The Burning Platform
Feds To Spend $42 Million To Relocate Transgender Illegals To Texas: Tammy Bruce
11 states sue Obama administration over transgender bathroom guidance: Kelly Cohen

Scandal Central

Hillary Emails Confirm Private Server Set Up For Secrecy: Hillary Daily
Clinton Campaign Responds to IG Report By Again Claiming She Did Nothing Wrong: Katie Pavlich
Hillary-Huma email found in State Dept. IG report is being called SMOKING GUN!: Carmine Sabia

Has the IRS Been Illegally Deleting Records?: Phil Shiver
Tom Cotton: I Usually Ignore ‘Bitter, Vulgar, Incoherent Ramblings’ of Harry Reid--but Not Today: Blaze
Another list of vote fraud cases: John R. Lott

Climate, Energy and Regulations

Introducing the global warming speedometer: WUWT
EPA is reminded that Power Plan enforcement violates SCOTUS order: Jazz Shaw


A Guide to the Perplexed: Ploughshares and the Iran Deal Echo Chamber: CAMERA
The Fraud In “Gungate” Is Real, And Should End Katie Couric’s Career: Bob Owens
Why There's No Black Bill James: Steve Sailer

Turns Out American Sniper Chris Kyle Was A Bigger Hero Than Previously Thought: Erick Erickson
The Great Gawker Freakout: Jason Willick
Check out this rocket scientist's name: Tampa Bay

Bret Baier grills Hillary Clinton press secretary Fallon on damaging IG report!: Scoop
NRA hits back at Katie Couric for deceitfully edited anti-gun documentary: Twitchy
MSM Smears Trump With Anonymous Anti-Semitic Tweets, But Ignored Obama’s Rev. Wright Ties: Alexander Hart


Thanks Obama: Iran now says: “We can destroy all of Israel in under 8 minutes”: BNI
Shocker: White House Video Highlights Obama Bowing To Vietnamese Communists: WZ
Would there be a gag order on this?: BNI

The Muslim World is a Permanent Refugee Crisis: Daniel Greenfield
What has happened to Venezuela?: Michael Kennedy
Push To Hire Foreign Citizen Police Officers To Fight Migrant Crime: Virginia Hale

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Mark Zuckerberg changed how Facebook chooses what is news: Kristen Soltis Anderson
Adidas to sell robot-made shoes in Germany: DW
The case of the $629 Band-Aid — and what it reveals about American health care: Sarah Kliff


The lessons of Pearl Harbor 75 years later: Victor Davis Hanson
Why was Hillary trying to reach Vince Foster on day he died?: Leo Hohmann
Life’s Too Short For Fascists: MOTUS

Image: Levin: Hillary Clinton is a Criminal-in-Waiting
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QOTD: "Forget the Syrian Civil War for a moment. Even without the Sunnis and Shiites competing to give each other machete haircuts every sunny morning, there would still be a permanent Muslim refugee crisis. 

The vast majority of civil wars over the last ten years have taken place in Muslim countries. Muslim countries are also some of the poorest in the world. And Muslim countries also have high birth rates.

Combine violence and poverty with a population boom and you get a permanent migration crisis.

No matter what happens in Syria or Libya next year, that permanent migration crisis isn’t going away.

The Muslim world is expanding unsustainably. In the Middle East and Asia, Muslims tend to underperform their non-Muslim neighbors both educationally and economically. Oil is the only asset that gave Muslims any advantage and in the age of fracking, its value is a lot shakier than it used to be. " --Daniel Greenfield

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Anonymous said...


I suggested it here about a week ago and it sounds like other people had the same idea. New York Magazine (part of the Clinton machine) staff are crying in their cups about the idea.

I do not know that it will happen, but it defineltly SHOULD happen.