Monday, May 23, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: #NeverTrump does not own conservatism; Barack Obama, The Unspoken Issue In This Year’s Campaign

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Never Trump does not own conservatism: Don Surber
Barack Obama: The Unspoken Issue In This Year’s Campaign: John Hinderaker
Bedtime For The #NeverTrump Anger Babies: Intellectual Froglegs

More Feminists, More Gender Theory: R.S. McCain
Welcome to the era of hate crime hoaxes: John Ruberry
Clinton Speaks at Trayvon Foundation, Calls Trump's Gun Policies 'Dangerous': Julie Pace

The Gathering Storm In Philadelphia: Derek Hunter
Sanders fundraising against Wasserman Schultz: Ryan Lovelace
Begrudging WaPo poll: Trump 46%, Clinton 44%: Paul Bedard

The Obama Regime’s Criminal Syndicate: Politically Short
Time to Shut Down the Department of Education: Star Parker
More on Tuberculosis in US refugee population, feds keeping it secret: Ann Corcoran


Notwithstanding Keynesian Fantasies, Redistribution Does Not Stimulate Growth: Dan Mitchell
The High Price of Security Theater: James Bovard
Sharia-Compliant Financing for Condos, Islamic Museum at Ground Zero: Tiffany Gabbay

Scandal Central

The Feds Protected Convicted Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein: Rachel Stockman
The New Lawsuit That Could End Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign: S.M. Gibson
‘Fast & Furious’ Scandal Returns As Judge Forces Release of 20K Pages Of Emails: Tammy Bruce


Paul Krugman Beclowns Himself…Again: Dan Mitchell
‘Hit the panic button, Hillary’: Latest polls show significant swing from Clinton to Trump: Twitchy
Sheriff Clarke: Democrats 'decimated the black family': Keith Koffler

Irrational Christian Bias Against Guns, Violence And Self Defense: Herschel Smith
Media Goes Full Retard Over Trump And EgyptAir Terror: James Fulford
Anthony Weiner calls Trump ‘F-ckface Von Clownstick’: Caitlin Yilek


A Deep Dive into How the Clinton Foundation Operates Illegally and in Haiti: Charles Ortel
What British Muslims Really Think: Speisa
Austria Elects Anti-Immigrant Right-Wing President: BlurBrain

HAMAS, Rockets and the future of asymmetrical warfare: Stop Shouting
Downed EgyptAir jetliner had been tagged with graffiti: “We will bring this plane down”: Robert Spencer
Fighting Terrorism in Syria: It's More Than ISIS: Nicholas A. Heras

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Toyota is giving DEKA’s iBOT wheelchair a second life: JC Torres
Inside Project Ara, Google's Lego-like plan to disrupt the smartphone: Sean Hollister
Google wants to teach computers to create art from scratch: TNW


Redskins name offensive to sports journalists, but not to 90 percent of Native Americans: Michael Barone
A Future You Can Believe In - Visit It Today!: MOTUS
Frozen Breakfast Food Is Not the Breakfast of Champions: Nick Gazin

Image: Fighting Terrorism in Syria: It's More Than ISIS
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