Thursday, May 05, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Reagan Coalition Is Dead. What’s Next For Conservatism?

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The Reagan Coalition Is Dead. What’s Next For Conservatism?: John Hinderaker
Republican voters have spoken and they want Donald Trump: Philip Klein
The Warning Shot: The Z Man

Clinton Machine Shifts Focus and Increases Plan To Destroy Bernie Sanders: Treehouse
Trump victory speech: ‘We are going after Hillary Clinton’: Larry O'Connor
Longtime Clinton Donor: “She should not be allowed to run in the election”: JWF

Can Hillary Be Stopped? There is a Way: Brian Darling
Reince Priebus: Trump's win ‘probably good for our party’: Nolan D. McCaskill
Warren pledges to 'fight my heart out' to defeat Trump: Cyra Master

America’s Last Election: Politically Short
Millions of Us Are Strangers in Our Own Party: Daniel Horowitz
On The Democratic Revolution In America: Camp of the Saints


Denying the Obvious: Our Tax Dollars at Work at the NCTC: Christopher W. Holton
Where's The Beef? ‘Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics’: Rob Arnott and Lillian Wu
China Warns 'Will Respond To Trump Presidency': ZH

Scandal Central

Bernstein: There Will Be 'Very Damaging' Leaks From Hillary Email Investigation: Ian Hanchett
‘Obama Plans to Reduce Screening for Refugees to 3 Months’: Clarion
Judge OKs deposition plan in Hillary Clinton email case: Josh Gerstein

Climate & Energy

Hillary Clinton’s photo-op with an out-of-work coal miner goes terribly, horribly wrong: BPR


Bidding Farewell to Politics: Herschel Smith
I Am More Qualified For President Than Trump Or Clinton, And So Are You: Paul David Miller
UK Advertising Watchdog Moves To Ban "Idealised" (Hot) Images Of Women: Liam Deacon

Nosedive: GOP's view of Cruz his 'worst in Gallup's history': Paul Bedard
RedState: Trump-Boosting Is Causing Fox to Lose to CNN: Tim Graham
Dueling NYC tabloid covers sum up the mood in the GOP this morning: Twitchy


Secret German White Paper Reveals True Scale of Germany's EU Army Ambitions: Donna Rachel Edmunds
EU Plans $290,000 Per Person Fine on Countries Refusing “Fair Share” of Refugees: MishTalk
How Recep Erdogan became the most powerful man in Europe: Douglas Murray

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Researchers Believe They May Have Located a Famous Ship Once Owned by Captain Cook: Natalia Klimczak
EHang reveals plans to deploy its passenger drones for emergency organ deliveries: Brian Heater
New Study Challenges Consensus on Link Between Dietary Fat, Heart Disease: Barbara Hollingsworth


MOTUS’ Twilight Nocturne Lounge: A Legendary Evening at P’jazz: MOTUS
911 Records: Caller Claimed Prince Was Gripped by ‘Uncontrollable Cocaine Habit’: Tom Sykes
Diamond the Size of a Tennis Ball Could Fetch $70 Million: Jill Lawless

Image: EHang reveals plans to deploy its passenger drones for emergency organ deliveries
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "I, and many others, have said repeatedly that Trump is no conservative. He is, however, pro-America. His slogan, make America great again, resonates with conservatives of all stripes. On the other hand, it is anathema to liberals, who believe that America never was great, and certainly don’t want her to start being great now. And Trump, like no one else, pushes back against the Left’s efforts to suppress free speech, which usually go under the too-generous rubric of political correctness.

A new conservatism is, to paraphrase a long-dead crank, struggling to be born. It will not emerge between now and November, but the next six months should shed considerable light on the shape of the conservative movement in a post-Reagan era." --John Hinderaker


Anonymous said...

"Bidding Farewell to Politics, I'll see you over the transom."

Think about it, the best way to burn the whole thing down may be to vote for Hillary.
We avoid The Donald, and in four years when she has finally queered everything and all lies in ruins, the GOP will be there. dRATS began the destruction of America, let them finish it and own the results. I'm down with it, let's do it.

Anonymous said...

If this is to be "America's Last Election" should Conservatives concede the battle as lost and engage in a new dimension of political warfare by introducing themselves into the bloodstream of the host?

Unknown said...

The government has a secret agenda to decrease the population so only the strong servive. Are you ready

Bob Belvedere said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Belvedere said...

-Thank you very much, Doug.

-Janet [and all Alex Jones Cultists]: Seek help, now.