Friday, May 20, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Stupid Party Way; Donald Trump's Response to Hillary Clinton; EgyptAir 804 and the Election of 2016

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The Stupid Party Way: The Z Man
Response to Hillary Clinton: Donald J. Trump
EgyptAir 804 and the Election of 2016: Roger L. Simon

Clinton Promises to Attack Gun Owners on Her “Very First Day” in Office: Dave Dolbee
Obama Invites Black Lives Matter to White House to Discuss Race… Again: Cassy Fiano
What really happened in Nevada's Democrat Convention (a video they keep taking down): ACC

An Answer to TSA Incompetence: Less Government: Dan Mitchell
Muslim students shut down pro-Israel event at UCI: Peter Fricke
Voter ID Horror Stories Aren’t About Voter ID: Brian Sima

Levin: Sleazy, Good for Nothing Mitch McConnell: Chris Pandolfo
Well, Well. New PPP Poll Says McCain “In Deep Trouble” in GOP Primary: Tammy Bruce
5-year-old Girl Suspended for Bringing Plastic Bubble Gun to School: Jenn Jacques


Seattle: East African Migrants with Suitcases of Welfare Cash Leaving US: Jim Hoft
Obama spending millions to find summer jobs — for refugees: Victor Skinner
Hillary On Economy: “I Don’t Know. Leave It To Bill”: Hillary Daily

Scandal Central

Federal judge excoriates DOJ lawyers for acting like their boss down the street: Doug Powers
Judge orders ‘intentionally deceptive’ DOJ lawyers to take remedial ethics classes: Stephen Dinan
The Federal Reserve's 'breathtaking' $7.7 trillion bank bailout: The Week (2011)

Climate, Energy and Regulations

Government, Industry Studying Threat of Nuclear EMP Attack on Electric Grid: Bill Gertz
Who are the real deniers of science?: Jonah Goldberg


The Trouble With Facebook: Sultan Knish
Paglia: 'New York Times' Juvenile Hit Piece on Trump Backfires: Michael Walsh
This drawing stops popular children's book: Speisa

Journalist speaks out: I was forced to hide the truth about immigration: Speisa
FBI Probing Stalking Of Fox Commentator: TSG
Beware Indeed – War with Islam Reminders: John Farnam


‘Radicalized Criminals’ Pose New Terror Threat to Europe, US: Creeping
Burning cars and riots of Muslims in small Dutch down still ongoing: Victor Laszlo
Invaders Brag Germans Are Nothing. German Government Agrees.: James Kirkpatrick

Pope Francis’ Jihad on Christianity: Raymond Ibrahim
The Thought Police in Canada: Stuart Schneiderman
Obama's Hiroshima visit looks to future amid charges of selective amnesia: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Star Trek's Universal Translator? Waverly Labs Pilot Smart Earpiece Might Be It: Geoffrey Morrison
Dear Google: Go **** yourself.: Gun Free Zone
Google says Fiat Chrysler partnership limited to 100 self-driving minivans: VB


Create a Collapse Supply List Based on the Things They Are Out of in Venezuela: Daisy Luther
“A Small Happiness”: MOTUS
Georgia Officer Comforts Toddler Alone in the Hospital, Photo Goes Viral: PoliceOne

Image: This drawing stops popular children's book
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QOTD: "A federal judge ordered the Justice Department to send its lawyers back to remedial ethics classes Thursday after finding that the administration repeatedly misled the court in the high-profile challenge to President Obama’s deportation amnesty.

Judge Andrew S. Hanen said the lawyers knew the administration was approving amnesty applications but actively hid that information both from him and from the 26 states that had sued to stop the amnesty.

Worse yet, even after the court ordered a halt to the whole amnesty, the Homeland Security Department approved several thousand more applications, in defiance of the court’s strict admonition, Judge Hanen said, counting at least four separate times the government’s lawyers misled him." --Stephen Dinan


Anonymous said...

Look around, I don't think Satan himself could have set people and events against each other better than Obama has. The Country was subjected to a shiny but fog-like stupor and what we see has been crafted for our destruction. The people we trusted with the truth have been unable to act, liars have prospered, the future's been squandered, and we are being forced to accept things that molest our heritage and offend God. We gained our independence the first time around because we feared God more than man, where would we be if they had simply complained about their chains?

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