Sunday, May 01, 2016

The new Trump bumper-stickers are here! The new Trump bumper-stickers are here!

Given the latest revelations from (an almost certainly plastered) John Boehner that he despises Ted Cruz and adores Donald Trump -- who he says is his golfing and texting buddy -- our summer intern Biff Spackle suggests the following bumper sticker for the real estate magnate.

Add this to the pile of evidence -- such as the Trump campaign's admission that it is scheming with Mitch McConnell -- that far from being anti-establishment, Mr. Trump is the establishment.

There is only one real anti-establishment candidate in this race and his name is Ted "Lucifer" Cruz.


Eskyman said...

So this site is still going down the crapper. Sorry to see it. The desperation is getting pretty rank!

At least you got the Lucifer part right: Cruz is fallen. He won't be getting up.

Go TRUMP! Make America Great Again!

directorblue said...

As I have said only a thousand times before, I am not a #NeverTrump drone.

But if you like Donald Trump, by definition you like the establishment. He's pals with Boehner and McConnell. They get along, you see.

Why do they despise Cruz? Because he fights them tooth and nail.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Doug, for supporting the only constitutional conservative in the race.
The GOP will be finished if it nominates the con-man Trump.

Chris said...

What I appreciate most about Trump is how effective he is in getting idiots to self identity.

Anonymous said...

Let's stick with facts rather than hyperbole.

The fact that Cruz has chosen Carly "Open Borders" Fiorina to be his running mate gives LEGITIMATE reason to doubt Cruz's commitment to restricting both legal (H1-B) and illegal immigration.

Doug. We want you back. Please resist the siren call of the Establishment "helping" Cruz. Do you really think their point man Bohener delivered his lines without pre-planning and deceit?

Boehner is deliberately trying to exacerbate tension between Cruz and Trump so he can get his 1st choice Rubio the nomination. Cruz and Trump supporters need to come together to help Trump win in November.

dave said...

Nah, Trump is so vain he's going to nominate himself for his running mate.

salesjerk said...

What do you call a guy that was John Boehner's attorney for a number of year?

And what do you call a guy that was an advisor to GWB?

A Washington insider aka Ted Cruz.

Oops, time to fix the bumper sticker ...

Anonymous said...

Cruz a loser... it is all over on Tuesday .. Thank God ...assswipe Cruz just like rest of DC Elites Cruz can't even keep his zipper closed .. LOL