Sunday, May 22, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Is Tuberculosis a ticking time bomb in refugee/migrant flow to America?

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Is Tuberculosis a ticking time bomb in refugee/migrant flow to America?: Ann Corcoran
Hillary has Had it with Bernie and his Supporters: Leon H. Wolf
Obama’s Latest Executive Overreach Is in Medicare: Robert Moffit

I watched Hillary’s forces swipe Nevada... what they're not telling you: Gayle Brandeis
Hillary Clinton Opposes Heller Gun Rights Ruling, Adviser Says: Sahil Kapur
Univision chair gives $7 million to help Clinton, stop Trump's wall: Paul Bedard

Donald Trump begins vetting possible VPs, Palin, Cruz at top of list: Robert Sobel
Rep. Trey Gowdy Endorses Trump: Todd Beamon
Billionaire donors who paid to stop Trump are now backing him: Carl Campanile

Wow: Tucker Carlson Rips The Bark Off Glenn Beck: Ace
Hillary Clinton targets the gullible with Trayvon Martin foundation speech: RWN
Trump Gains 11 Points on Clinton Since March, Now Leads Crooked Hillary 46-44: Jim Hoft


Our part-time jobs president: Charles Owens
Inequality: The Z Man
Something Stunning Is Taking Place Off The Coast Of Singapore: ZH

Scandal Central

Lawyer: FBI used Best Buy informant to illegally search computers: Jeremiah Dobruck
Hillary Clinton Should Testify Under Oath: JW
407,000 Workers Hit As Pension Fund Proposes 60% Cuts, Treasury Says "Not Enough": ZH

Climate, Energy and Regulations

All This for .01 Degrees Celsius?: Joe Bastardi
Visa involved in Tesla factory expansion sparks debate: Louis Hansen
Hell opens? Costa Rica volcano erupts, spewing ash, column of smoke: RT


“Clinton Cash” Documentary to Open Right Before Dem Convention: LI
The Confused Erick Erickson: Jen Kuznicki
Perhaps Erick Erickson should just let Mitt retire: Jazz Shaw

Media in agony as Trump makes it relive Clinton sex scandals: T. Becket Adams
Retired White House Correspondent Explains "How Obama Gets Away With It": Richard Benedetto
Untethered Rubio Goes on a Twitter Rant: Roll Call


What British Muslims Really Think: Speisa
Islamophobia Forum Features Panelists Linked to Terror and Bigotry: Joe Kaufman
Islamic State group leader urges attacks in Europe and US: Himalayan Times

Czech Politician Klára Samková: ‘..The West Will Have to Crush Islam..’ to Survive: Unveiled
John Kerry: Enthusiastic Proponent of a 'Borderless World': Michael Cutler
J-Street was paid by Obama administration to promote Iran deal: Ari Soffer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US Navy creating global kill web of sensors and weapons; calling it tactical cloud instead of Skynet: NBF
London To New York In 35 Minutes, Technology Promises Faster Travel: SWR
Preview – Hill & Mac Gunworks StG 44: Iain Harrison, Recoil


Meet the Trans Escort Claiming to Service Anti-LGBT Republican Congressmen: Aurora Snow
Does Obama's Troubled Childhood Explain His Bathroom Weirdness?: James Lewis
Congressional candidate makes ultimate mistake in jaw-dropping campaign screenshot: RWN

Image: Hell opens? Costa Rica volcano erupts, spewing ash, column of smoke
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QOTD: "Is Islam compatible with Western democracy? Is it capable of reform? Can this end happily?

[Czech politican Klara] Samková’s prognosis, on all three counts, is bleak.

The problem with Islam, she argues, is that it’s not so much a religion as a “totalitarian system of governance.” Unlike Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism or Shintoism, the religious aspect is secondary to the legal one." --James Delingpole


Anonymous said...

The news is now is filled with example after example of what Barry meant when he told Medvedev "I'll have more flexibility after the election".

alecj said...

Dont link Jim Hoft or Gateway Pundit on your site. Its an embarrassment and the lowest form of basement blogging. It sullies the reputation of this site merely being here.

Since his complete loss of sanity, the website has become pure propaganda, without a connection to fact, truth, or common sense.

Even if you agree with Hoft's Trump worship, it does nothing to advance your cause, due to the site's complete turn to Enquirer level of baseless accusation and factless speculation.

Its sad to see it show up here.

You are better than that.