Monday, May 02, 2016

RAMIREZ CARTOON: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

The brilliant Michael Ramirez of Investors Business Daily illustrates the stark contrast between Constitutionalism and Populism.

And, with a sigh, this post's author intoned for the 828,000th time: "And for you hardcore Trump-supporting readers, I would vote for Trump in the general over a Democrat because I would vote for a used Kleenex over a Democrat. But, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what Mr. Trump's real positions are and neither do you."

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Sibyl said...

Why not go to Trump's websites and read his platform?

All his positions are written down in black and white.

Jpatt said...

You are not a true American unless you are #NeverTrump. Joking but you never know nowadays. If Trump is as bad as Obama but is America 1st, we'll survive.

Citizen said...

Trump will be a huge disappointment to his followers. I know their angry, I'm angry too but Trump doesn't know that we have a Constitution.

Citizen said...

Correction. They're not their.....

Anonymous said...

Trump is a True Conservative.

He gave a great answer during the debates when he was asked, ‘Are you a Conservative?’

Trump replied: (paraphrase) “To me, conservative means ‘to conserve'”

Only Trump wants to CONSERVE American Jobs, Industry, Economy, Security, Culture, Sovereignty and Identity.

Only Trump has said and shown (by spending his own money, energy and time to run for office) that he believes all that is worth conserving!!!

Anonymous said...

PS - The rest of the candidates in the race (Cruz/Carly and Kasich) are Bush doctrine globalists, cheap labor, outsourcing, debt, trade imbalance, etc.

Time to do an about-face and restore US solvency.

Anonymous said...

"Only Trump wants to CONSERVE American Jobs, Industry, Economy, Security, Culture, Sovereignty and Identity."

Obviously he does not want to CONSERVE the Constitution.

That said; if Trump wants to conserve American Jobs then he is saying he wants to continue hiring foreign workers over American workers to work at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach FL or continue hiring illegal immigrants to build his high end NYC condos for wealthy Chinese buyers.

Trump is only interested in CONSERVING Trump and his cheap labor business.

Sibyl said...

Trump is NOT for cheap labor - that is Cruz who is a defender of the Bush amnesty/immigration doctrine.

Cruz has been a Bush man since his beginning!

It is astounding how many people are pushing lies...about Trump - from Cruz to all of his supporters.

Sibyl said...

#Never Trump is an anti-American, anti-jobs positions.

These people are Bush globalists, CIA propagandists.

Anonymous said...

"#Never Trump is an anti-American, anti-jobs positions.

These people are Bush globalists, CIA propagandists."

Be it Donald or Bernie or Hillary, I will #Never vote for the candidate whose supporters are tin-foil hat wearing extreme moonbats.

Eskyman said...

Why don't all you neverTrump people just come out and support your gal Hillary?

That's what you are doing, it's no secret. Be brave and support the corrupt Establishment openly!

One would think that after electing "conservatives" to majority status in the House, and getting nothing for it but excuses- and then supporting those "conservatives" again to win majority in the Senate- and getting more excuses, while those rock-ribbed "conservatives" rolled over on their backs and gave the Democrats more than they asked for- well, one would think that a lesson would be learned: that politicians saying they are "conservatives" are NOT.

They are LIARS. Just like Lyin' Ted, with his Bush family backing, Establishment backing, and Goldman Sachs backing. Hell, the man's actually in bed with Goldman Sachs!

And to top it all off, you have to go and actually believe all the BS that's put out by all those liars I mentioned, and gleefully spread by all the media outlets (I do hope that at least you're getting paid for this BS, but you probably aren't. Wake up and smell the BS, please!)

Go TRUMP! And I do hope that after Trump is elected, that this site (and many others that were also once excellent) will return to sanity once again!