Monday, May 30, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Trump Not Fake Enough; CAIR Denounces US Military on Memorial Day; Mass Deportation Would Pay For Itself

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Trump Not Fake Enough!: Mickey Kaus
CAIR Denounces US Military on Memorial Day: Ryan Mauro
As I Noted 10 Years Ago, Mass Deportation Would Pay For Itself: Edwin S. Rubenstein

Obama logs 291st round of golf as president: Paul Bedard
Jerk Alert: Bernie Sanders Was “Unbelievably Abusive” to Employees: Tammy Bruce
New poll out of Oregon bears more bad news for Hillary Clinton: Twitchy

Anti-Trump Rioters And Their Violent, Racist Sign: Robert Gehl
Trump ripped over how he referred to Memorial Day at Rolling Thunder event: Twitchy
Rubio: I apologized privately to Trump for implying he had a small wiener: Hot Air

Warning to West Virginia: federal refugee program looks for fresh meat: Ann Corcoran
Religious Freedom in an Age of Secularism: Star Parker
Democrat Utopia of Chicago Celebrates Memorial Day with Rampant Violence: RWN


Capitalism v. Socialism: John Steele Gordon
Whole Foods' 365: Where Kiosks Replace Workers: Chriss W. Street
Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian: George Reisman (2005)

Scandal Central

Flashback: Hillary’s First Email Scandal, Project X: LI
Obama to release 2 dozen of ‘worst of worst’ Gitmo jihadis by end of July: Creeping
The Dead are Alive and Voting in California: Daniel Greenfield

The Clintons’ First Email Scandal: Project X 1996-1998: Jeff Dunetz
Caliphornia: Vietnam War Veterans memorial desecrated by vandals in Venice: BNI
Policy Expert: Obama’s Education Agenda Undermines American Values: Ginni Thomas


Target CEO Claims Bathroom Policy Not Hurting Sales, Instead Blames...: Raise the Flag
Awesome! The Rolling Thunder Run roars into D.C.: Twitchy
Female Voters Shred 'Reckless' Hillary Clinton Over Email Server: Matt Vespa

Sometimes, Heads Should Roll: Kevin D. Williamson
When will the media be held responsible for its lies about guns?: Jay Caruso
Memorial Day Campaign 2016: The Year of Living Furiously: Roger L. Simon


Congressman: ‘Unconscionable’ Obama’s Syrian Refugee Surge Included No Christians: Creeping
Venezuela Drifts Into New Territory: Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown: A Stunned New York Times
Cash-Strapped ISIS Is Selling Sex Slaves On Facebook: Asking Price $8,000 Each: ZH

What is Islamophobia?: Gates of Vienna (2011)
Muslim wearing “I’m Muslim, don’t panic” t-shirt is beaten by other Muslims: Robert Spencer
Outrage as Dutch authorities give up to €10k to refugees to ‘go shopping’: RT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Here You Go TSA, Delta Fixed Security Checkpoints For You: PopMech
Technology That Hasn’t Been Used: Arts Mechanical
Ancient Travels to the Americas or a Modern Forgery? Who Made the Bat Creek Inscription?: Natalia Klimczak


Memorial Day 2016: MOTUS
I am proud to be the widow of Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto, USMC: Rachel Porto
A baker's dozen of Medal of Honor recipients you should know about: David Wilkes

The Tragic Story Of This Con Artist And His Epic, Luxurious Victorian Mansion: All Day
Big Sale At The Clinton Foundation: Earl of Taint
Game Over: The Burning Platform

Image: Memorial Day 2016
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QOTD: "In 1945, both Germany and Korea were divided into two areas, one under western, capitalist control, and one under communist control. Four decades later, West Germany and South Korea were thriving, first-world countries, creating wealth and spreading it widely across the socioeconomic spectrum. East Germany (which disappeared in 1989) and North Korea (unfortunately still with us) were hellholes of poverty and tyranny.

Today we have another natural experiment testing whether socialism or capitalism works better. In 1973, Chile was rescued from communism under Salvador Allende with a military coup and economic (and eventually political) reforms began. At that point Chile’s economic freedom as among the lowest in the world. Venezuela’s in 1975 was among the highest. Today the economic freedom of the two countries is reversed. So are their economic situations. In the 41 years since 1975, the Venezuelan economy has shrunk by 17 percent. Chile’s has grown by 287 percent. By virtually every measure Chile’s situation has radically improved, while Venezuela’s has sharply deteriorated." --John Steele Gordon, "Capitalism v. Socialism"

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