Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Bill and Hillary’s Awkward Iowa Adventure

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Bill and Hillary’s Awkward Iowa Adventure: Seth Mandel
Hillary’s “steak” is not well done: Cal Thomas
5 lies that have shaped the Obama presidency: Post

Our Whiny President: John Hinderaker
Maxine Waters: Shariah Law Is Compatible With U.S. Constitution : Sara Noble
Nutty Pelosi: We Never Treated Bush the Way the GOP Treats Obama: Scoop

Desperate Dem Breaks Out the Guns in New Ad, Runs From Obama: JWF
Cruz Hosts Late-Night Strategy Session With House Republicans on CR: Roll Call
NRSC Loves the Senate Conservatives Fund (Or Just Its Money): Erick Erickson

200,000 from Ebola countries have visas to enter U.S.: Paul Bedard
1997-2002: Mary Landrieu’s Strange Missing Years #LAsen: MinorityReport
Illegal Immigrants Slash Innocent People With Machete in Chicago: LibertyNews


Walker jobs plan includes drug-testing for those on welfare: M.D. Kittle
Whoops! HHS Screws Up Obamacare Collaboration: GotNews
Anti-gun Billionaires Now Targeting Kroger: NewAm

Scandal Central

Charge: Benghazi Boiler Room Operation Hid Documents: Keith Koffler
HHS Documents Detailing “High Risk” Security Problems with Obamacare Internet Site Uncovered: JW
State Department Official: We Destroyed Benghazi Documents To Protect Hillary Clinton: Treehouse

Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Dept. Official Reveals Criminal "Document Review": Sharyl Attkisson
Rand Paul on Hillary’s Iowa Trip: I’d Like to See Her Back in DC Testifying on Benghazi: GWP
Obama’s Greatest Legacy: Remaking the Federal Courts: Signal


Why is the Brendan Tevlin murder so underreported?: LI
Obamas Go 'KaBoom' On 9/11: TR
6 Horribly Racist Comments from Obama Administration Officials: MediaTrackers (2013)

Obama Forced by Events to Reverse Course — and Disillusion Base: Michael Barone
Mid-September Polls Are Not The Last Word On Senate Races: RS
CBS, NBC Continue Fawning Over Hillary In Iowa; Refuse to Cover Scrubbed Benghazi Docs: MRC

The Real Sickness At The Heart Of American Culture: John Hawkins
Tin Soldiers and Urban Outfitters’ Coming: Ed Driscoll
Doctor’s Note Required to Use Chapstick in School, Yet Abortions Available to Minors: LifeNews


John Kerry’s Stupid Condescension: Peter Wehner
Obama vs. the generals: Marc A. Thiessen
'In next war, Hezbollah will try to seize Israeli territory': Hayom

Kingdom Come, Kingdom Go: Mark Steyn
Rotherham Child-sex Victim Confronts Muslim Abuser, Gets Arrested for Racism: Daniel Greenfield
UK: Jewish Children Barred From Major Retail Store, Told 'No Jews Allowed': JoshuaPundit

Bolton "Thunderstruck" by Obama's Comments on ISIS: Scoop
Bill Clinton Gets Caught On Camera Trashing Netanyahu At Harkin Steak Fry: Lid
Muslim Fast Food Worker Threatens Customer Who Ordered Bacon on Sandwich: RWN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Comcast Says Anyone Using Private Browser May be A Criminal, Threatens To Kill Connections: Consumerist
Bound for robotic glory: Jennifer Chu
Insider Credit Card Breach Leads to $400,000 Saks Shopping Spree: Jeff Goldman


Caption, Please: It Ain't Holy Water
The Left’s political zealotry increasingly resembles religious experience.: City Journal (2010)
As Part of Sharia Crackdown in Syria, ISIS Now Covering Up Goat Genitalia: JWF

Image: Iowa’s Leftwing Anti-Hillary Voters Look to Bernie Sanders
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QOTD: "Hillary Clinton reportedly asked wealthy donors and Wall Street executives in the Hamptons how she could best discuss "income inequality" in a potential presidential campaign.

According to a report in The New York Times, Clinton "spent August in the Hamptons, a working vacation that gave her plenty of time to interact with donors," Washington lobbyists, hedge fund managers, and other one-percenters. She reportedly asked them "about how to tackle income inequality without alienating businesses or castigating the wealthy." --Tony Lee

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Anonymous said...

Iowans told Hillary Clinton what they think of her in 2008 when she came in third behind Obama and Edwards.

I doubt their impression of her has changed for the better after her sellout to Barry.