Sunday, September 07, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Will Legalize Millions After the Election Because You’re Stupid

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Obama Will Legalize Millions After the Election Because You’re Stupid: Sara Noble
Obama: Illegal Immigrants Should Not Have to 'Look Over Their Shoulder': Breitbart
Obama to delay immigration action until voters can’t punish Democrats for it: Hot Air

Fox News, Enemy of State: Kevin D. Williamson
Don’t Blame Obama – History Will: Rick Wilson
Why You Need a Gun: Bob Owens

This Crime Chronicles Our Broken Border Perfectly…: WJ
Eric Holder: A More Dangerous Race-Card Hustler Than Al Sharpton: Larry Elder
Worker Witnesses To Mike Brown Shooting?: Treehouse

The Taste of Government Control: Thomas Purcell
An Open Letter To My Friends In Law Enforcement: Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Pentagon Giving Grenade Launchers to Campus Police: Vice


24,639,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S.: Ali Meyer
The Slow Decline of American Entrepreneurship: Tim Kane, DailySignal
The EU is on life-support, and the doctors are clueless: Commentator

Scandal Central

A campaign to silence conservative speech: Times
Unbelievable! Fox News reveals the White House attempted to squelch reporting on Benghazi!: Scoop
Could the EPA Chief Really be ‘Worse than Lois Lerner’?: Blaze

Gov. Jerry Brown: Nearly 30% of CA Kids Illegal or 'Don't Speak English': Breitbart
Take a Guess Where The Heroin That's Flooding The Streets of America Comes From?: RightPundit
NY State Police Confiscate Gun Shop Records, Spurring Fears of NY SAFE Act Raids: Bob Owens

Climate & Energy

EPA Fakes Regulatory Cost-Benefit Calculations: Signal
House looking to stop EPA’s overreach on water regulation: Blaze
Hillary: “Climate Change Is The Most Urgent, Consequential Challenge We Face”: DailySurge


Breitbart News to Sponsor 'Federalism Forum' to Empower States Against Federal Overreach: Breitbart
Allen West Just Got A Sweet New Tat: DC
MSNBC Poll: 82% Believe Carrying A Gun Is A Constitutional Right: WZ

NY Times: Say, This Pipeline Of American Jihadi Recruits Is Not Good: RWN
Under Pressure From Democrats, Obama Delays Immigration Action Until After Midterm Elections: Mish
The Sun God Cometh: MOTUS


Intelligence Gaps Crippled Mission in Syria to Rescue Hostages James Foley, Steven Sotloff: WSJ
Brother Rashid Gives President Obama a Lesson in the REAL Islam: GoV
This Is What Islamophobes Look Like: 90 Miles

Refugees in Minnesota drawn to welfare, jihad: BCF
How a Syrian nuclear facility was destroyed by the Israeli Air Force 7 years ago today: Aviationist
'Sharia controlled zone' in Germany: Group of young Muslims patrolling city streets: RT

Man Crosses Border Carrying ISIS Flag and Fake Severed Head: M.D. Creekmore
Surviving an ISIS Massacre: RWN
Two Satellites Placed in Orbit by Chinese Rocket: Space

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Photographer's 1st Milky Way View an Unforgettable Sight (Photo): Space
Meet One Of The Men Who's Helping Google Employees De-Stress And Get In Shape: Insider
'4chan may be just a sysadmin who knows his way around', claims so-called expert: Register


Jack the Ripper unmasked: DNA breakthrough identifies Britain's most notorious criminal: Daily Mail
Obama Golf Sauna: Keith Koffler
Interview with an Auschwitz Guard: 'I Do Not Feel Like a Criminal': Spiegel

Image: The Slow Decline of American Entrepreneurship
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: STOP the Obamacare Six

QOTD: "The Left is fixated on Fox News for the same reason that it is fixated on the philanthropic activities of Charles and David Koch: It requires enemies. In the late 20th century, the Left’s theoretical basis — Marxism — collapsed utterly as historical events revealed central-planning-in-arms as the road to misery and massacre that the Right always has insisted it is. Developing a new philosophy takes time, and it is problematic in that the Left’s fundamental antagonism is toward capitalism, but many of its heroes and leaders have discovered that they like money. Class warrior Elizabeth Warren cannot endure living in a home that costs less than a million dollars, while Bill Clinton is a centimillionaire and Al Gore is one twice over. The sight of Occupy Wall Street spastically trying to give birth to a new version of anti-capitalism while cheered on by Manhattan prep-school trust-funders like Katrina vanden Heuvel was comical — and fruitless.

Instead of a philosophy, the Left has an enemies list: investment bankers, except the ones who work in the Obama administration; financiers, except the ones who advise the Obama administration; Christians who want to use government to impose their moral vision on the country, except the ones who work in the Obama administration; the 1 percent, except . . .

...And Bill O’Reilly, a relatively popular domestic talk-show host, commands the attention of the State Department, while Fox News is denounced by the White House. You’d think that these men and women of immense power would be sort of embarrassed by that, but you’d be wrong." --Kevin D. Williamson

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