Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Did Fusion GPS pay journalists to publish fake news?

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Did Fusion GPS pay journalists to publish fake news?: Monica Showalter
Does Ralph Northam Think 67% of Virginians are Racists?: David Catron
Russia dossier investigators suspect reporters were paid to spread collusion claims: Times

Texas church shooting ended because there was a good guy with a gun: Siraj Hashmi
The Texas Shooter Was Even More Of A Scumbag Than Thought: HotAir
Texas killer was able to buy guns because of Air Force lapse: Fox

5 million aliens enter under 'diversity visa,' 345% more than promised: Paul Bedard
WH To Strip Citizenship Of Somalis Accused Of Abusing Diversity Visas: Alex Pfeiffer
Ben Carson Needs to Straighten out HUD: Brent Smith

Democrats Drive Toward the Cliff and Hit the Gas: Kurt Schlichter
Moonbat Breaks Five of Rand Paul’s Ribs, Is Charged With Misdemeanor: Dave Blount
McAuliffe: ‘Nobody Cares’ What Donna Brazile Said ‘In a Book’: Paul Crookston


100 Years of Communism, 100 Million Deaths, and Far Too Many Dupes and Apologists: Dan Mitchell
The Black Swan In Plain Sight---Debt Out The Wazoo: David Stockman
Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite's hidden wealth: Juliette Garside

Scandal Central

Report: Early Comey Memo Accused Hillary Clinton of Breaking the Law: Breitbart
‘Obama holdovers’ exposing U.S. to possible EMP attack: Alicia Powe
Former Clinton Advisor Calls For Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary Clinton: Joseph A. Wulfsohn

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Who’s Up For UN Climate Talks That Have A “Toxic Background” Of Sexual Harassment?: RWN


Trump's Koigate Is Fake News Spun by Shameless White House Press Corps: Patrick Poole
Same People Who Said We Can’t Politicize NYC Attack Are Politicizing Texas Shooting: EIB
DNC Subpoenaed in ‘Dossier’ Lawsuit: ForPol

Top Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Used ‘Army of Spies’ to Harass and Intimidate Weinstein Accusers: JWF
John Kerry’s Thoughts On North Korea Take The Dumb A** Cake: BFT
Fox News Yanks Tom Steyer Ad Calling For Trump’s Impeachment: HotAir

Reliving the panic of Election Night 2016: Emily Jashinsky
Who remembers the best night ever?: Brutalist
Even more empty seats in Week 9 of the NFL: Pacific


The U.S. Is Saudi Arabia Now: Roger L. Simon
Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, a business partner of ex-Lebanese PM Hariri, dies during arrest: Adam Garrie
Saudi Arabia Is About To Confiscate $33 Billion From Four Of Its Richest People: ZH

Report: North Korea Ready to Launch Biggest Missile Test: TruNews
Sarsour Stopped NYPD’s Monitoring of Saipov’s Mosque.: Jamie Glazov
U.S. Navy carrier drills with Japanese, Indian navy in Sea of Japan: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Subatomic Discovery That Physicists Considered Keeping Secret: Rafi Letzter
China is Launching Their Highly Classified Reusable Spaceplane in 2020: Dom Galeon
Abroad, intellectual property rights are under assault: Dan Schneider


Texas Church Shooter’s Last Two Facebook Posts Were “Supporting Antifa”: GotNews
Crowdstrike Payments Coincide With Deaths Of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas: Disobedient
Tuesday: A November Sort of Day: MOTUS

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In light of the Texas massacre one can only hope that Hollywood will not create CGE work of church shootings. The recent movie (Kingsman "Secret Service") portrayed a whole church congregation being wiped out in a most gruesome fashion.
How heavily did Kelley rely on this movie for inspiration?
The problem is not guns, it very well may be Hollywood.