Monday, November 20, 2017

MORE PROOF: How Google Skews Autocomplete to Protect Democrats

Google's "Autocomplete" function has operated since 2008 to assist users in searching for the right phrases. How does it work?

The suggestions that Google offers all come from how people actually search... These are all real searches that have been done by other people. Popularity is a factor in what Google shows... Google says other factors are also used to determine what to show beyond popularity. However, anything that’s suggested comes from real search activity by Google users, the company says.

Well, it's based on actual searches, so long as they don't negatively impact Democrats.

Google's own data, comparing its Autocomplete results with its Trends graphs, reveal it is censoring queries that reveal Democrat malfeasance. To wit:

Are people really searching for "Hillary Clinton Crimea"? Google Trends tell us most people are more interested in "Hillary Clinton Crimes":

Similarly, people aren't really searching for "Bill Clinton LOL". They're searching for the latest information on "Bill Clinton Lolita Express."

You've been warned. Google appears to be pretty much a loosely aligned propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

Hat tip: BadBlue Tech News.


JeremyR said...

And Joseph Goebbels was a loosely aligned propaganda wing of the nazi party.

The MUSEman said...

Trying the same two examples on DuckDuckGo is also a quick way to see the Google slant ;-)

Nahanni said...

Why anyone uses Goolag as a search engine is beyond me. It's garbage.