Monday, November 20, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: A Fair Hearing by a Jury of His Pervs

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A Fair Hearing by a Jury of His Pervs: Clarice Feldman
Obama's 'unaccompanied children' turn up big in MS13 gang sweep: Monica Showalter
Claim: Andrew Cuomo turned blind eye to pervert under his nose: Dean Balsamini

Why no one is talking about Trump’s game-changing deal: Salena Zito
Bummer: FBI has still not verified Trump dossier: Byron York
Remember When Civil Rights Groups Wanted Police Bodycams?: DailyWire

Al Franken won't resign, spending time 'reflecting' during Thanksgiving: Kelly Cohen
The Hillary Effect: Maureen Dowd
Democrats split and fighting over key party reforms: Laura Barrón-López

Border Patrol Agent Killed, Another in Serious Condition in Texas: Breitbart
Myths and mysteries about the Gettysburg Address: NCC
How the Elderly Lose Their Rights: Rachel Aviv


Trump’s Overseas Trips Reap Goodwill And Trade Agreements: Karen Townsend
Return to Detroit: John Ruberry
How Trump May Be Saving Social Security: Wow!

Scandal Central

Yes, the Clintons should be investigated: Marc A. Thiessen
Lois Lerner wants IRS testimony sealed permanently because it would enrage the public: Scoop
Busted: Judge In Fusion GPS Case Has A “Good Friendship” With John Podesta: GotNews

Climate, Energy & Regulations

NY Times: Capitalism Must Be Destroyed To Solve The Climate (Scam) Crisis Or Something: William Teach
Global Warming? How About Plastic Poisoning of Our Oceans?: Wow!
Keystone XL oil pipeline faces critical decision: John Siciliano


Silence on Sleaze-Bob Menendez: Michelle Malkin
President Trump to LaVar Ball: I Should Have Left Your Kid in Jail: IHTM
10 months after 8 years of Obama, Joe Biden says America in grave danger: Doug Powers

American media misses another big news story: Don Surber
Rolling Stone Blames Their Victims: Instapundit
NFL thugs disrespect anthem, country in Week 11, even in Mexico City! : Pacific


Middle East News Roundup for 11/19/17: BattleSwarm
Top Military General States He Would Reject ‘Illegal’ Nuclear Strike Ordered By Trump: Sonja Bochow
Talks Collapse – Germany’s Merkel To Announce: “Inability to Form Government”: Treehouse

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scary 'Slaughterbots' video shows danger of autonomous killer drones: Chris Matyszczyk
The Friendly Faces of Fascism: Robert Gore
Secret passageway discovered under 1,000-year-old Mayan temple: Nicole Morley


Everyone Should Contribute: MOTUS
$MGM Crisis Management Firm Pushing Vegas Conspiracy Theories: GotNews
Couldn't Resist: Sondrakistan

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