Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: For GOP, Virginia reveals dangers of Trump and a do-nothing Congress

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For GOP, Virginia reveals dangers of Trump and a do-nothing Congress: David M. Drucker
Brazile blasts 'incompetence' at Wasserman Schultz-led DNC: Joseph Web
The Problem Isn’t Gun Laws, It’s Government Incompetence: William Teach

Northam wins VA governor's race, boosting Dems against Trump: Laura Barrón-López
Democrat Phil Murphy wins NJ governor's race to replace Chris Christie: Al Weaver
No surprise here: Ed Gillespie got Trump-like numbers for a Trump-like campaign: Exam

Poll: Views Of Democratic Party Drop To Lowest Point Since 1992: HotAir
What Does Maxine Waters Actually Do In Congress?: Stephen Frank
Delaware to Let Children Pick Their Own Gender and Race: Dave Blount

Air Force blunder on Texas shooting reignites gun-control debate: Times
Texas church gunman fired 450 rounds at helpless worshippers: Providence Journal
Inside church, she thought she was about to die. Then, a man appeared: Samantha Schmidt


Kiss the good times goodbye: Bob Lutz
Hits keep on coming: Obamacare premiums rising by $1K per month: Daniel Horowitz

Scandal Central

Ted Cruz: Dems Filibustered Legislation That Would Have Had Texas Church Shooter in Prison: RWN
What Is Fat Leonard Scandal? 440 Navy Officials Investigated For Taking Bribes: TruePundit
Journalist Accuses Rev. Jesse Jackson of Sexual Harassment: NBC-5

Climate, Energy & Regulations

NASA Has More Evidence Volcanic Activity Is Heating Up Antarctica’s Ice Sheet: Michael Bastasch


Whittle: The News Media Knows How To Stop These Massacres, But Refuses To Do It: James Barrett
NY Times Just Can’t Move On From Hillary Losing: William Teach
WTF MSM!? The 'good guy with a gun' had an AR-15: Rob Eno

Texan Who Engaged Shooter Shares His Story : Amber Athey
Watch Donna Brazile Shut Down Joy Behar On Live TV: Hannity
Wife Of NFL Player Claims Raiders Let Derek Carr Get Hurt Over Anthem Protests: David Hookstead


Saudi Arabia gets its first real government: David P. Goldman
Saudi Banks Freeze 1,200 Accounts and Climbing…: Treehouse
Never mind fake news, this is fake government: Alex Massie

More on #FusionCollusion: Ace
British Teen Taken to Court for “Racial Abuse” for Complaining About Being Sexually Enslaved: Dave Blount
Trump to North Korea: 'Do not try us': Sarah Westwood

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Under the skin: how insertable microchips could unlock the future: Calla Wahlquist
Do Animals Have Humor?: Joseph Castro
Satellite images show ancient mysterious city in middle of ocean: Rachael Revesz


Post-Virginia Spinventory!: KausFiles
Because That’s How You Get More Trump: MOTUS
If you ever took Evan McMuffin seriously, you can stop now: Kemberlee Kaye

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