Sunday, November 26, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Not One Taxpayer Cent for Sexual Abuse Hush Money

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Not One Taxpayer Cent for Sexual Abuse Hush Money: Paul Jacob
Power, Sex, and Politics: Angelo Codevilla
Let's stop pretending leftists care about abused women: Jack Hellner

Want To Know Why Roy Moore Might Win? Blame The Media: Matt Latimer
The Insufferable White House Media and The Great Pecan Pie Scandal: Treehouse
WaPo Blamestorms Trump For... Rising Hate Crimes In 2015 And 2016: William Teach

Ephemera vs Evidence or Roy Moore vs Clinton/Franken/Weinstein/Conyers/etc: DTG
Franken, do the right thing: Resign: Joseph Curl
The Rule of Law, Blowing in the Wind like a MAGA Hat: Robert Kirk

Biden Hammers Hillary Clinton For Handling of 2016 Campaign: TPI
President's Dilemma: Chet Richards
Safe-space school cults and the rise of the crybabies: Alex Grubish


President Donald Trump's Accomplishment List:: MAGApill
Trump will head to Capitol Hill ahead of Senate tax reform vote: WKRN
The Guardian: Climate is Creating More Child Brides: Eric Worrall

Scandal Central

Thanks, Obama and Hillary: Slave Auction In Libya Provokes Outrage Worldwide: Sarah Ruiz-Grossman
90%+ of Alleged MS-13 Members Arrested in Recent ICE Operation Are Illegal Aliens: Spencer Raley
The Tea Party settlement: David Zukerman


NFL Loses 1 Million Viewers: Daniel Greenfield
Artificial Candidate Hillary Clinton Warns: "Artificial Intelligence is Not Our Friend": Daniel Greenfield
Comey Chose... Poorly: RSW


Time to Drain the Swamp - Also in Europe: Geert Wilders
Report: N. Korea’s Last Nuclear Test Caused Quake That Killed Dozens: VOA News
Saudi Arabia's Great Gamble: Mohammed Ayoob

Happy Holidays, Infidels! Western Authorities Anticipate Christmas Market Terror Attacks: Patrick Poole
Muslim in Burka Attacked Jewish Woman in French Supermarket: Daniel Greenfield
Anti-terror barriers disguised by wrapping them as Christmas presents under the tree: BNI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Amazon reveals its 5 top-selling items as it steals half of all online sales on Black Friday: Hayley Peterson
Bitcoin Crushes $9,000 on Growing Signs of Mainstream Adoption, Wall Street Interest: Jon Buck
What Happens When Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ Is Asked Political Questions: RWN


It’s a Wonderful Life in Non-PC-Ville: MOTUS
Black Friday Sets Single Day NICS Record, Trump Slump Be Damned: Robert Farago
Zeroed: Sebastian Gorka: Recoil

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