Friday, November 10, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Roy Moore, WaPo, and the problem with an untrustworthy press

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Roy Moore, WaPo, and the problem with an untrustworthy press: JD Rucker
WaPo Reporter Behind Moore Hit Piece Has History Of Writing Bad Checks: GotNews
From 'somber' to 'apoplectic,' Moore raises new terror for GOP: W. James Antle III

Roy Moore: "Allegations Are Completely False, Desperate Political Attack": PPD
Suddenly, Roy More Is Accused Of A Sexual Encounter – 38 Years Ago: William Teach
'The Very Definition Of Fake News': Moore Fires Back Against WaPo Hit Job: InfLib

De-funding terrorism: Don Surber
Why Are We Looking At A DHS Chief That Doesn’t Support The Wall?: Jazz Shaw
Mitch McConnell Leads GOPe Effort to Push Moore Out of Alabama Race: Sean Moran

She’s Running? Hillary Aides Launch New Super-PAC: Ed Morrissey
How Brazile’s book exposes liberal media’s Hillary : Michael Goodwin
Foreign-born percentage of US electorate by presidential election: Audacious Epigone

Tuesday’s Elections Reveal Many Americans Are Suffering From a Mental Disorder: D.C. McAllister
No Virginia, the Election Was Not Anti-Trump: Jeffrey Lord
Down the Memory Hole: Obama Stole the 2008 Primary with Help of DNC: Karin McQuillan


Cost of U.S. War on Jihadists: $5.6 Trillion, 7,000 Deaths, 52,500 Injuries: Edwin Mora
Do You Know What Would Fix The Economy? Forcing People To Major In STEM: William Teach
Sears deal: Retailer can sell another 140 stores to fund pensions as losses mount: Nathan Bomey

Scandal Central

A Hidden Scandal Worse Than Uranium One: CHQ
Sen. Bob Menendez may have had sex with underage hookers: prosecutors: Dan Friedman
An ICE Agent's Quest for Justice: Michelle Malkin

Podesta Group CEO, Kimberley Fritts, Quits Lobbying Group…: Treehouse
Ohio: Millionaire Iranian Food Stamp Fraudster Gets 30 Days Jail: Creeping
Property Owner Sued for Removing Graffiti: Dave Blount

Climate, Energy & Regulations

FERC’s Pipeline Decisions Benefit Economy: Charles Hughes


Keepin’ It Classy, Newsweek: America’s “Garden Of D***S” The Fault Of …: Ed Morrissey
Bob Costas: Football May Soon 'Collapse Like a House of Cards': Michael Harthorne
Drudge: Zucker ‘Out’ at CNN Due to Abysmal Ratings, ‘Personal’ Feud with Trump: GWP

Louis C.K.'s Movie Premiere Canceled in Advance of N.Y. Times Story: Katherine Schaffstall
Not quite woke: AP deletes tweet after misgendering newly elected transgender council member: Twitchy
Louis C.K.’s Powerful Army of Celebrity Enablers: Marlow Stern


UNESCO has a new communist head, same as the old communist head: Gary Gindler
Arrest of 3 UCLA basketball players in China could complicate Trump's deal-making: Tddhomas Lifson
France: A Decomposing Civilization: Giulio Meotti

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Russia Presses Ahead With Combat Robots: War Is Boring
Artificial Intelligence Could Hijack Brain-Computer Interfaces and Take Control of Our Minds: Newsweak
NASA Discovers Mantle Plume Almost as Hot as Yellowstone Supervolcano That's Melting Antarctica From Below: Hannah Osborne


I Love Being Hated: MOTUS
DNC Unveils Clinton Institute For Campaign Ethics Reform In Response To Corruption Allegations: Onion
Over 2,000 More Top Secret JFK Files Released: RWN

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