Thursday, November 02, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Trump Will Kill "Diversity Lottery" Which Brought Latest NYC Terrorist Into U.S.

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Trump Will Kill "Diversity Lottery" Which Brought Latest NYC Terrorist Into U.S.: InfLib
Schumer Under Fire: Trump Rips Chuck’s ‘Lottery’ That Admitted NY Terrorist: Hannity
Trump: NYC Terror Suspect Brought 23 Others Here After Winning 'Lottery': Emily Zanotti

DHS interviewed NYC jihadi in 2015 about terror ties; mosque was in NYPD sites: Creeping
New York attack: Time to suspend Islamic immigration?: ONN
Uzbek terrorist appears shackled in court in a wheelchair: DailyMail

Hillary Clinton, Alger Hiss and the Schism in the American Soul: CHQ
Were the Podesta brothers tipped off?: Monica Showalter
Barack Obama’s Broken Rules: Matthew Continetti

"Muslims Fear Backlash from Tomorrow's Terror Attack": Mark Steyn
John McCain Still Refuses To Answer Questions On Role In Trump Hoax Dossier: RWN
Liberals Outraged at Whites Who Refused to Give Up Their Seats Because of Their Race: RWN

Scandal Central

What Happened: Hillary Set Up Don Jr.’s Trump Tower Meeting: Patrick Howely
Mark Levin Tears Into ‘Incompetent’ Mueller: His Manafort Indictment Is ‘Irrational!’: Joseph A. Wulfsohn
Full-Page NY Times Ad Demands Antifa Revolution to Overthrow Trump: Kit Daniels

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Burying "Sue And Settle": Heritage
Oh, Noes: Global Warming Will Crush Us With Giant Boulders: Dave Blount


CBS tried to whiten up Manhattan terrorist: Pacific
Tommy Robinson Unloads on the NYC Terror Attack: Rebel
Chris Matthews is baffled why an Uzbeki would want to attack us: Thomas Lifson

Pamela Geller, Heroine: David Prentice
Dan Bongino Calls to Surveil Mosques: ‘This PC Society is Sickening’ and Dangerous: Joseph A. Wulfsohn
Papa Johns whines about lower pizza sales because of NFL thugs : Pacific

NYC Terror Attack Hot Take: The Attack Was “Anti-Islamic: William Teach
Levin: Visa lottery’s been fraught with terror concerns for years: Nate Madden
Study Shows Hollywood Is Pretty Darned Bigoted On Latino Immigrants: William Teach


Russia Starts Construction on New Iranian Nuke Plant: Adam Kredo
Analysis: CIA releases massive trove of Osama bin Laden’s files: LWJ
Osama Papers Released: Guess Who Partnered With Al-Qaeda?: Ed Morrissey

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Now The Controllers Want To Regulate Night Vision Equipment: Herschel Smith
A million people cut the cord in the last 3 months, and cable companies are worried: Chris Mills
Daydreaming means you’re smart and creative: KurzweilAI


Legal Truck Renter Kills 8: MOTUS
Extreme Vetting for Dumies: Brutalist
Did JFK really sneak Marilyn Monroe in the White house?: Gregg Gray, Quora
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Anonymous said...

Seems ironic in our culture where children are taught to use all bodily orifices for sex responsibly, where men pose as women, animals are used for sex, the unborn are parted out, books are banned, speech outlawed, and statues torn down that women would line up to be compensated for past grievances. I believe "no" circumvents the pressures on adolescents as well as career builders - though there is a cost to be counted there. Something's wrong when the narrative becomes "white men at large, penis lurking" to demand apologies with money. You were the one who ignored life's realities but carry the sin and scars as though you were entirely innocent. Gimme a break. Victimhood ignores the fact that objecting to but rolling with circumstances doesn't absolve one from making choices.