Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Ultimate Argument for Roy Moore

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The Ultimate Argument for Roy Moore: Angelo M. Codevilla
Child Sex Abuse Victim Calls Out Moore Opponent Doug Jones for ‘Hypocrisy’: RWN
6 Women Accuse Democrat Raul Bocanegra of Sexual Harassment: Katherine Rodriguez

Void the Agreements That Conceal Congressional Misconduct : Andrew C. McCarthy
FBI informant has years of evidence on Russian push for US uranium: John Solomon
Judge William H. Orrick III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Heavy

Trump close to endorsing Moore: 'We don't need a liberal Democrat': Sarah Westwood
Counterinsurgency And Stability Operations In Baltimore: Herschel Smith
Segregated Bathrooms for Police on New York Campus: Dave Blount

Why Would Trump Hire Swamp Rats?: EIB
A Powerful Congressman Harassed Her, Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear Her Story: Breitbart
Conyers 'expressly and vehemently' denies sexual misconduct allegations: Melissa Quinn

Florida Town Prepares to Lead Nation in Combating Anti-Semitism: Paul Miller
Virginia: Pakistani Muslim cleric defines America as “The land of Infidels”: Creeping
DOJ moves to strip citizenship for immigrant child sex abusers: Alex Pappas


Let the Guilty Rich Soak Themselves : Deroy Murdock
Five Things to Know About the Trump Administration’s Case Against AT&T: John Carney
Yield Curve Carnage Continues: Tyler Durden

Scandal Central

9th Circuit to president of the United States: You answer to us: Daniel Horowitz
The people's business? Congress pays off sex victims to protect lawmakers: Exam
Comey Got Rich Working with Hillary Clinton: ALR

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The Approaching Famine: Armstrong Economics


The Long Night Ahead: John Robb
Charlie Rose fired by CBS, PBS after sexual misconduct allegations: Eddie Scarry
MSNBC Host: The Rand Paul Attack is One of My Favorite Stories: Tammy Bruce

Mark Levin to host Fox News show: Joe Concha
Dershowitz: Mueller "Going Way Beyond His Authority": Steve Byas
NeverTrump Makes a Left Turn: Julie Kelly


Muslims in France demand 2500 more mosques to stop street prayers: Vlad Tepes
German Police: “I Am Afraid Of My Islamic Recruits”: Herschel Smith
The Emerging Markets Performance Cycle: Ben Carlson

Autonomy in the U.K.: Seth Barron
China's global multi-nuke hypersonic missile will be ready ‘within a few months’: DailyMail
‘How to Beat Your Wife’: Clarion

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

AI won’t peak at human intelligence: Gil Elbaz
Uber Hack Exposed Data of 57 Million Users and Drivers, Company Paid Hackers $100K: Breaking911
This AI Can Spot Art Forgeries by Looking at One Brushstroke: Jackie Snow

No, you’re not being paranoid. Sites really are watching your every move: Dan Goodin
Warnings: 'The Big One': study finds Pacific Northwest may yield a megaquake and a tsunami: DailyMail
Toyota’s latest humanoid robot can mimic your movements: Thuy Ong


There’s A Dark Side Behind Your Thanksgiving Or Something: William Teach
Caller: Trump Has Emboldened Women: EIB
Work From Home, Send Money: MOTUS

Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "America has created third world countries in large cities like Baltimore, Chicago, L.A., Atlanta, Houston, and St. Louis, by means of handouts and fatherless families. Opening the borders hasn’t helped. The result is third world hell holes that scare even the police, but given that the police are the largest gang in America, they will respond in kind." --Herschel Smith

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