Friday, January 12, 2018

MSM APOLOGY IN 3... 2... NEVER: Latest Obama Surveillance Revelations Prove Mark Levin Right... Again

By Chris Pandolfo

Thursday on his radio program, CRTV host Mark Levin addressed a huge story that the mainstream media is ignoring.

On Wednesday, Sara Carter reported bombshell news about the 35-page dossier put together by former British spy Christopher Steele and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The document was used by Obama’s FBI to gain approval for a FISA court warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Carter’s sources told her that there will be more information exposing systemic FISA abuse.

“This is a massive scandal, the likes of which we’ve not seen,” Levin said. “The bastardization of our intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement by a sitting Democrat administration aimed at destroying and defeating a Republican nominee.”


Months ago, Levin laid out the “overwhelming” evidence that the Obama administration surveilled the Trump campaign in the months before the election, and Levin was smeared as a conspiracy theorist. He was right.

Will the mainstream media ever apologize? Will they ever report on this story and the Obama administration’s abuses?

Read more at Conservative Review.


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