Saturday, February 05, 2005

Topics the MSM Should be Covering... but Aren't

Click here for AmazonI've missed the mainstream media's stories on the following topics. Perhaps one of my kind readers could point me to a URL on any of the following:

  • The Iraqi election means that the people of Iraq have already rejected Wahabbism.
  • The Eason Jordan Affair (although the Captain points out that the dam is cracking)
  • John Kerry's bizarre assertions on Meet the Press that he was running guns to the Khmer Rouge
  • John Kerry's promise to sign his Form 180 to release his full military dossier

    I also haven't seen any reporting on Iraqi election commentary from the Arab world. Consider, for example, the Arab News' Dr. Mohammed T. Al-Rasheed:

    In spite of everything, the Iraqis voted. They did so with a passion and a seriousness that gives the lie to the cliché that Arabs are not ready for democracy. One myth down, a thousand to go.

    Everyone says that this is the first free elections in Iraq for fifty years. That is another lie. There has never been one single free election in the long history of the Arabs ever. This is the first one. It took the Americans to conduct it and force it down the throats of dictators, terrorists, exploding deranged humans, and odds as big as the distance between the USA and the Middle East...

    The breach between reality and the grist promulgated by the MSM continues to grow wider. By its own volition -- its refusal to cover major stories that happen not to align with its obvious agenda -- its relevance continues to fade. Senior management (no, not dimwitted moonbats like Eason Jordan, I mean the board members and executive leadership teams) are demonstrating continued irresponsibility. It's one thing to pursue a partisan agenda. It's another to blithely preside over a catastrophic destruction of shareholder value.

    Oh, there will be hell to pay.
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