Sunday, February 20, 2005

There Will Come a Day

There will come a day when the Democratic Party will perform some serious, introspective analysis on itself. How has it moved so far Left? How has it lost all of the South and the Midwest -- and for that matter, a huge percentage of all counties in the country? How it also lost 97 of 100 of the the fastest growing counties? Where has it gone awry?

And why does it, shockingly, continue to lose despite the "fifteen points" advantage that the mainstream media purports to offer the Democrats?

Well, in my opinion, any self-analysis won't take much effort.

No party has been more wrong, more often, on serious issues of national import than the Democratic party since 1972:

* Wrong about the evil represented by Communism during the Cold War, concomitant with its estimated one hundred million civilian deaths.

* Wrong about the best strategies to end the Cold War peacefully.

* Wrong about fighting Communism aggressively in Latin America.

* Wrong about revamping welfare, most recently by opposing the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, which has been a success story by nearly every measure (memo to self: if I don't hear about it in the MSM, the news must be good for the administration).

* Wrong to think that peace in the Middle East was ever achievable by appeasing thieving terrorist dictator Yassar Arafat.

* Wrong about the mantra that the administration waged a "War for Oil" (or to fill Halliburton's coffers, take your pick).

* Wrong that the post-9/11 attack on the Taliban would turn Afghanistan into a quagmire.

* Wrong about the need to postpone the Iraqi elections, despite their outcries that it would be impossible to hold elections with terrorism rampant throughout the country?

The Left needs to revisit the biographies of great Presidents like Truman, Roosevelt, and Kennedy. These men were Democrats vested in the concept of liberty and willing to defend freedom. It is certain that all three would be considered hardline conservatives by today's standards.

Today these great men would be either Joe Lieberman DINO's or would have simply have upped and moved to the GOP.

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