Wednesday, April 24, 2019

PASS THE POPCORN, NAHANNI: New York Times Pundit Slams Kamala Harris

By King Kong Bundy, III

Kamala Harris has made a career of consistently running away from her record.

  As San Francisco DA and as California AG, Harris “championed” a law that put the parents of truant kids in jail. But as a candidate for president, she has been caught trying to cover up her record on truancy.

  As San Francisco DA, Harris called decriminalizing prostitution “completely ridiculous.” But earlier this year, Kamala made a complete reversal and said she supports decriminalizing prostitution.

  As San Francisco DA, Harris made INCREASING bail costs a priority. Now she wants to reform bail.

Oh, but there's more!

  As San Francisco DA, Harris supported a policy that turned illegal immigrant minors over to ICE. But now Harris wants to abolish ICE.

  As California AG, Harris jailed thousands of Californians on marijuana charges and was against legalizing marijuana, but now she wants to legalize it.

This brings us to Monday night when Harris said she was open to rapists, terrorists, and murderers voting from prison. Less than 24 hours later, the former prosecutor flip-flopped.

It’s ridiculous that it took Harris any time at all to figure out her position on such a radical idea.

The New York Times’ Alex Burns explained how politically damaging her flip flops have been on CNN this morning:

“[Harris has] felt a lot of pressure in the race to not fully embrace her identity as a prosecutor. And I think we’ve seen over and over in presidential campaigns … when you start trying to revise the way you have presented yourself your entire career, your instincts can be off and it can just get very personally uncomfortable.”

WATCH: CNN Panel Slams Harris 
For Flip Flop On Felons In Prison Voting: “Why Is That One A Tough One”

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Editor's Note: I'm still struggling with picking my favorite Democrat policy: open borders, reparations, the Green New Deal, "universal health care" (in which You'll get to Keep your Doctor, Part Deux), abolishing ICE, and -- of course -- forgiving all student loan debt.

Never mind that we, as a country, are so brokety-broke that Medicare is going under in seven years.

But Democrats in Congress are focused on impeachment.

Democrats running for President are all trying to outdo each other with "giveaways" (they are giving things away; you will be on the hook).

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