Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Firefox's SwitchProxy

Click here for reports that RoundTwo -- formerly known as MozSource -- has re-dedicated itself to building Firefox extensions. Their contention is that the same users flocking to Firefox in droves will also be looking for safe and reliable products to enhance the Firefox experience.

They are thinking of products like SwitchProxy, which allows you to select and choose from a list of a variety of web proxies. The proxies can provide (but certainly don't guarantee) a level of anonymity for surfers by adding a layer of indirection to your surfing. The web server you're visiting, for instance, will record the IP address of the proxy... and not your IP.

Ah, but where to find anonymous proxies? The MozMonkey Forum has a lengthy thread discussing this very topic. For your viewing pleasure, I've coalesced some of the lists mentioned.

In addition, there are tools like the ProxyTester, which will examine lists of proxies and let you know the ones that are still alive and kicking. And, of course there are tools to test the anonymity services provided by these proxies: ProxyJudge and Anonymizer's Privacy Tester may fit the bill.

In any event, use these lists at your own risk - they are culled from MozMonkey and have not been checked or examined in any depth. The onus is on you to determine suitability and applicability to your particular web surfing requirements. Nuff said. Start-up wants to improve on Firefox

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