Friday, April 08, 2005

Moonbats on Parade

Click here for AmazonThe irreplaceable LGF points us to ZombieTime's photo coverage of the Eyes Wide Open Anti-War Display, which occurred in San Francisco on March 25. The accompanying picture, which purported to illustrate the number of "Iraqi civilian" deaths is indicative of the lot:

So -- am I hard-hearted? What's wrong with mourning the "civilians"? As I looked at the placards honoring the Iraqis, it occurred to me that the vast majority were adult men. Hmmmm -- why would this be the case? Perhaps because most of them were combatants? While there undoubtedly have been innocent victims of the war (and yes, each of those deaths is a tragedy), not every single Iraqi who died was a "civilian," as the AFSC would want us to believe...

...I'd estimate 75% at least -- of the casualties were (in order, from the start of the war) soldiers in Saddam Hussein's army, Republican Guard troops, Ba'athist "insurgents," Sunni militia members, foreign jihadis, and all manner of thugs, fanatics and killers.

In other words, the enemy. Terrorists. The American military has gone to extremes to minimize civilian casualties, and the vast majority of the time if someone was killed by U.S. forces, that person was killed while actively engaged in the battle to kill Americans.

And be sure to scroll down to the last photo, where you'll find a clue as to the true agenda of the Left Bank Moonbats.

ZombieTime: Eyes Wide Open Anti-War Display

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