Sunday, April 24, 2005

Holy Shnikeys

Click here for AmazonFor the love of... I happened to revisit Tony's A.J. Quinnell page yesterday. And what I found there was truly a surprise - and a gift.

You may remember Quinnell, if only indirectly. He is the author of Man on Fire and eleven other works of "fiction". I quote the word fiction simply because so much of what Quinnell writes about is based upon historical fact.

Man on Fire, of course, was recently made into a Denzel Washington film. Washington starred as Creasy, the quiet, deadly ex-mercenary. Broken down and alcoholic, Creasy is offered a position as a bodyguard for a wealthy industrialist's adolescent daughter. When the daughter is kidnapped, all hell breaks loose in this novel of redemption and ultimate revenge.

There are no better books in the this genre. In fact, it is a travesty that any of Quinnell's books are out of print. All of them are five-star, without question.

Want a free sample? The surprise that I discovered is that Quinnell has released a Creasy short story entitled Gladiator. Read it and then buy the rest of his books.

A.J. Quinnell: Gladiator: a Creasy Short Story; Embassy of France in the US: The French Foreign Legion.

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