Sunday, April 24, 2005

Google Satellite Maps... and Other Sensitive Locations

Click here for AmazonHere's another high-res image of a reactor (hat tip: B) at an unspecified location. There's really no reason I can think of not to obscure the satellite images of these venues.

Refinery at an unspecified location
And here's another candidate for obfuscation: refineries.

Just a few weeks ago, the NRO's Frank Gaffney wrote about the national security concerns related to refineries:

"This nation is dangerously vulnerable to severe economic dislocation and possibly dire national-security threats as a result of its excessive reliance on imported oil and the infrastructure that transforms most of that oil into fuel for our transportation sector... the limited number of aging and, in some cases at least, increasingly dangerous refineries is but one aspect of this vulnerability..."

Once again, I'd recommend that you do as I did and contact Google to request that certain venues -- like reactors and refineries -- be rendered in extremely low-resolution.

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