Sunday, August 06, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: A Consequential President in the Time of Pygmies

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A Consequential President in the Time of Pygmies: Clarice Feldman
The Likely Road Ahead for the Mueller Investigation: William L. Gensert
One Day: Christian Mercenary

Is America on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown or Civil War?: Roger L. Simon
The Day in Stupid News: Ace
Federal employees step up defiance of Trump: Devin Henry

McMaster Barred Scholar Ali from Giving Talk on Radical Islam at NSC: Mike Cernovich
Chicago To Sue DOJ Over Losing Federal Money For Being Sanctuary City: RWN
Nearly a dozen CA counties had more registered than eligible voters in 2016: Blaze

Hillary Clinton enlists former campaign staffers for political group: Report: Mandy Mayfield
Half of Detroit mayoral candidates are convicted felons: Detroit News
56 Interesting Facts About the 2016 Election: Cook Political


Trump: Migrants Will Not Get Welfare For First 5 Years: DC
Report: Healthcare for Average Canadian Family to Cost $12,000 This Year: NewsMax
Unintended Consequences: Racial Profiling Is Encouraged By Government Policy: Ace

Scandal Central

FOIA Dump Reveals Collusion Between Lynch, FBI And Media To Bury Bill Clinton Meeting: ZH
Loretta Lynch Lied Under Oath: Told Trey Gowdy She Only Uses Official Email: GWP
Denver City Council Considers Stance On Protecting Immigrants From Federal Agents: CBS Denver

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Climate Change Nut Jobs Want Your Pets Dead To Save The Planet: RWN


James Woods warns of civil war if Democrats succeed in removing Trump: Joe Newby
Even His CNN Colleagues Expressing Disgust With Jim Acosta’s Antics: Andrew West
Oregon Officials Blow Off Press Inquiries Regarding Illegal Alien Rapist In Portland: PJM

Emails show WaPo, NYT reporters unenthusiastic about covering Clinton-Lynch meeting: Eddie Scarry


Russian Prime Minister Warns: Deep State Aims To Remove Trump From Power: SHTFplan
What the Sanctions Really Mean for Russia: Maxim A. Suchkov
China urges N. Korea to halt tests as global pressure mounts: AP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Mysterious Military Spy Plane Has Been Flying Circles Over Seattle For Days: TheDrive
First images from Lockheed's experimental, telescope-shrinking SPIDER: David Szondy
Here’s how drones are changing the real estate business: Kevin Smith


So You Say You Want a Revolution: MOTUS
Game of Thrones: Libertarian Edition: BattleSwarm
My Resignation from UNC-Wilmington: Mike Adams

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Anonymous said...

How many of those 'Republicans' are really Democrats? I will assume most of them, until proven otherwise.