Thursday, August 24, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Field Report From The Left-Wing Violence in Arizona

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Field Report From The Left-Wing Violence in Arizona: Larry Schweikart
The Leftwing Media’s Dangerous and Divisive Lie: Michael Brown
Gays For Trump Leader Assaulted As Police Stand Down: Kari Donovan

Book: Hillary 'put up with' Bill Clinton's sexual 'grabbing, groping women': Paul Bedard
Trump Met With GOP Senate Prospects About Challenging “The Flake”: Hot Air
Manhattan DA: We Can’t Have National Reciprocity Because of ISIS: Dana Loesch

Poll: Roy Moore Is Heavy Favorite In Alabama Senate Runoff: David Thornton
Blaming Others for Dastardly Deeds: David Hunter
Dem Rep Dodges Questions On Arrested House IT Staffer: True Pundit

Mark Levin: It’s time to make ‘mob boss’ McConnell ‘heel!’: Chris Pandolfo
Endgame: Mitch McConnell's job approval falls ... to nine percent: Hot Air
California Kindergartners Undergo Transsexual Brainwashing: Dave Blount

Two New Totalitarian Movements: Radical Islam and Political Correctness: A. Z. Mohamed
The Origins of Political Correctness: Bill Lind
San Diego State College Republicans Called 'Hate Group': Tom Knighton


Trump's Wall Is Already Paid For: Daniel John Sobieski

Scandal Central

Affirmative Action And The Managerial State: Z Man
Ex-Prosecutor: Feds' Bizarre Indictment Against Arrested DWS Staffers Omits Major Facts: Guy Benson
Trial Looms For Sole Defendant In 2012 Benghazi Attack That Killed Ambassador : NPR

Alt-Left Is Planning a Civil War Nov 4 to Overturn US Government, Media Blames Trump: Sara Noble
CNN: Everyone Who Voted For Trump Is A ‘White Supremacist By Default’: Henry Rodgers
Federal judge blocks further implementation of Texas' voter ID law: James Barragán


Predictable: NY Times Figures Out Way To Slur Trump On Afghanistan Plan: William Teach
Antifa terrorist punches black Trump supporter in Phoenix – media silent: Pacific
Former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson wants to buy Twitter to kick Trump off: Alix Hines

Fake News Overdose: Reuters Call Leftwing Rioters ‘Peace Activists’: JWF
CNN Gets Steamrolled By Their Own Charlottesville Antifa Panel: "The Media Is Not Being Honest": ZH
Students are the new masters – and the result is campus tyranny: Brendan O'Neill


CBS: Injuries To US Diplomats In Cuba Worse Than First Reported: Ed Morrissey
Iran Caught Shipping Soldiers to Syria on Commercial Flights in Violation of Nuclear Deal: Adam Kredo
Praise Continues To Roll In For President Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech: GOP

Trump’s Sting Against Deep State Almost Complete: Dystopia
Government Warns North Korean Cyber Attacks Continue: Bill Gertz
Russian ambassador to Sudan found dead in swimming pool: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google Doubles Down on Purging Conservative Speech: Chriss W. Street
Your best photos of the 2017 total solar eclipse: Popular Science
This insane nanochip device can heal tissue just by touching the skin once: ScienceAlert


Rabbit Hole Wednesday–August 23, 2017: MOTUS
Alleged Video Of Mass UFO Sighting That Took Place in Phoenix 2017: Collective Evolution
Russian air strikes annihilate 200 ISIS terrorists: RWN

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