Thursday, August 03, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Former U.N. Amb. Power Unmasked ‘Hundreds’ In Last Year Of Obama WH

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Former U.N. Amb. Power Unmasked ‘Hundreds’ In Last Year Of Obama WH: Adam Kredo
Seymour Hersh: "RussiaGate Is A CIA-Planted Lie, Revenge Against Trump": ZH
Group Of Illegal Aliens Charged With String Of Robberies In Denver : IACR

Huffington Post Writer Calls For “Purge” of Conservatives: Paul Joseph Watson
ISIS supporter plotted to kill 10,000 people in California to 'redefine terror': IB Times
No, Jeff Flake, you are how we got Trump: Daniel Horowitz

In praise of the RAISE Immigration Act: Power Line
Miller Crushes NYT: Why Not Allow Low Wage Workers at the NY Times?: ZH
Latest Sob Story: Brothers Deported For Telling ICE One Was Going To College: RWN


Slow Economic Growth Directly Tied to Obamare Mess: AmSpec
Donald Trump Unveils Merit Based Immigration Reform: Neil Munro
Rahm’s 2018 Budget: More taxes on the way?: IllinoisPolicy

Scandal Central

New Clinton Email Disclosures Show Pay-for-Play, Says Watchdog: Matthew Little
Julian Assange: Trump Had No Corrupt Ties with Russia, But Hillary Did: Sara Noble
Huma Abedin’s Emails Provide Further Evidence Of Clinton Pay For Play Scandal: Jack Crowe


Krugman: Hey, At Least Obama Was 'Remarkably' Honest About His Healthcare Policies: Guy Benson
NYTimes Editor: Progressive Left Hurts Itself by Embracing Anti-Semites, Illiberal Causes: TheTower
WH’s Stephen Miller Slams NYT’s Glenn Thrush; ‘You're Not Asking for Common Sense’: Curtis Houck

Trump’s Legal Immigration Plan Triggers Another Media Conniption Fit: EIB
Stephen Miller Clashes With Jim Acosta, NYT Reporter Over Immigration: Hot Air
Watch Jim Acosta get destroyed by Stephen Miller on immigration: Grace Curley


China Carries Out Flight Test of Anti-Satellite Missile: Bill Gertz
Report: Teenagers Partook in a Quarter of All Terrorist Plots Across Europe: Natalie Johnson
Citizens Forbidden to Mention Islam at Hearing to Approve Mosque: Dave Blount

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

IBM and Sony cram up to 330 terabytes into tiny tape cartridge: Ars
In The Future, Your Car Will Read Your Biology to Make Decisions for You: Kristin Houser
Great Digital Companies Build Great Recommendation Engines: Michael Schrage


Democrats predict Trump will destroy the Sun on August 21: Cube
Waiting For Never: MOTUS
Profiles in Moonbattery: Skip Bayless: Dave Blount

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder that the Norks and Chinks are schizophrenic when it comes to America's Foreign Policy?
Hitlery was making promises to them before she ever set foot in the White House and there is an element of this that Trump is undoing. The World needs to understand that Huma, Debbie, and Hillary aren't calling the shots for America, we don't do business that way anymore.
"I came, I saw, and he died". Hillary Clinton speaking of Khadafy's untimely demise.