Sunday, August 27, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Gary Cohn Says Antifa Just ‘Standing Up For Equality And Freedom’

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Gary Cohn Says Antifa Just ‘Standing Up For Equality And Freedom’: TruePundit
Maryland: Imam bankrolled purchase of weapons for jihad massacre inside U.S.: Geller
DC Rejects Right-To-Carry Because… “We’re Different”: Jazz Shaw

The future of Bannonism: Economist
Roy Moore won’t support Mitch McConnell as Senate majority leader: Chris Pandolfo
Obama Pardons American Traitors, Media Silent.: RWN

Podesta Group Updates Filings to Disclose Lobbying Done for Vladimir Putin: Ace
It's On: Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over 'Hate Group' Designation: PJM
SPLC - Hate group hits jackpot: Power Line

To the Barricades! : We Will At Least Be Less Bored: Fred Reed
Sheriff Arpaio Did Not Commit a Crime. He Enforced the Law: Daniel Greenfield
House Speaker Paul Ryan Stands Against Arpaio Pardon: Treehouse


First-ever water tax proposed to tackle unsafe drinking water in California: Press-Telegram

Scandal Central

3 Ways Kathleen Sebelius Sabotaged The Rule Of Law: Christopher Jacobs
Why Is Congress Not Investigating Obama's Unprecedented Political Espionage?: DC
Arpaio Says He Will Reveal Obama Admin’s Abuse Of Justice Toward Him: Randy DeSoto

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Seven Reasons for ‘Inconvenient’ Sequel’s Stunning Fail: Christian Toto
Storm chasers captured the fury of Hurricane Harvey as it made landfall: Circa
Key oil and gas facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast have shut down as Harvey pounds the region: Circa


How fake is CNN? At least this fake: GayPatriot
CNN: From Fake News to Fudging Ratings?: Peter Barry Chowka
Jesse Watters: Arpaio Pardon Not a Big Deal Because Obama Pardoned ‘Crack Dealers’: Justin Baragona

The NYT Finally Finds One Type of Refugee to Worry About: Steve Sailer
President Trump Is 100% Right – The Media’s Feeding Hate And Division: Wow!
San Francisco Was So Into Free Speech That They Walled Off Park To Stop Patriot Prayer: RWN


Indonesian "Militants" Arrested for Plotting Radioactive Dirty Bomb Attack: Ace
Looks Like Italians Are Largely Fed Up With The Flood Of Refugees: Jazz Shaw
Two Soldiers Stabbed in Brussels By Somalian Shouting "Long Live the Confederacy!": Ace

Kosciuszko 200: Poland Embassy Endorses Hot Air Proposal: Ed Morrissey
“El tonto Trudeau” and not so happy Canadians: Silvio Canto Jr.
Two Police Officers Protecting Buckingham Palace Wounded by Man Wielding Knife: Ace

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Pamela Geller: Silicon Valley's war on free speech: Ezra Levant
Google Asks, ‘Are You Depressed?’: Zye Angiwan
Were the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Ever Lost?: Cam Rea


Hard Truths and The Biggest Duty You Have: Patrick Henry Society
Did Iran Fund North Korea's Secret Chemical Weapons Deal?: Ace
University Professor Urges Democrats to End Their ‘Identity Politics’ – ‘It’s Disastrous!’: RWN

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