Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Nazi-Hunting Fantasies Have Unhinged The Left

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Nazi-Hunting Fantasies Have Unhinged The Left: Robert Tracinski
And Yet President Trump, in His Classically Inartful Way, Was 100% Right: Dov Fischer
Who’s Behind Civil War In America?: NoisyRm

Mark Levin: ‘Do we burn the Bill of Rights?’: Chris Pandolfo
Wake Up—Mitch and Paul!: Katie Kieffer
GOP Lawmaker: Ryan, McConnell Slow-Walking POTUS Agenda--They Don’t Like It: GWP

Antifa Leader: Violence Against Right Wingers Is Not a Crime: Dave Blount
Steyn: Left's Attempt to Say if You Don't Vote Democrat, You're a Nazi: Jeff Poor
Antifa Is Un-American: James Lewis

Bannon: Days Of Ivanka Crying To Daddy Are Over Now That Kelly Is Chief: Jack Crowe
Democrats haven’t been this pissed off since we made them give up their slaves: Cold Fury
Save America: Repeal And Replace Congress 2018: J.B. Williams


No, President Trump isn’t bankrupting the Secret Service: Dan Bongino
'Junk' Bond Status Looms as Illinois Wrestles With Budget, Pensions: Andrew Soergel
Experts: Illinois’ high public salaries one of many ‘drops in the bucket’: Jacob Bielanski

Scandal Central

ProPublica (recipient of Soros $) works with CAIR and SPLC to silence speech: RSR
Money-Gruber: Obamacare's sneering architect caught with his hand in the till: Monica Showalter
Exclusive: Wasserman Schultz talks about arrested aide Imran Awan: Anthony Man

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Doom: Trump Disbands Federal ‘Climate Change” Advisory Panel: William Teach
Germany’s Angela Merkel Quietly Retreating From Paris Climate Treaty: Treehouse
Can Merkel really ban gas cars in Germany?: RG&B


Why There Are No Nazi Statues in Germany: Joshua Zeitz
Axios Reporter: The DNC Brand Is a ‘Disaster’: Conor Beck
Kid Rock Goes Off During Concert: ‘You Know What, F**k Colin Kaepernick’: RWN

Black Trump Supporter Sucker-Punched Holding Milo Book: BLP
The Atlantic Views the Eclipse Through the Lens of Critical Theory: Dave Blount
Johnson Sees Trump 'Terrorist State,' Cheers Abuse of Pro-Trumpers: Brad Wilmouth


Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy Will Increase Pressure on Pakistan: Natalie Johnson
Trump outlines Afghanistan plan to end years of 'war without victory': Sarah Westwood
Imam suspected of masterminding Barcelona terrorist attacks linked to Brussels: DailyMail

Navy Does Not Rule Out Intentional Act in Latest Warship Collision: Bill Gertz
Silencing debate on grooming gangs is a foul snub to victims: Brendan O'Neill
Mass Migration Risks Major Public Health Crisis: Joseph Klein

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple goes all in, raising money for SPLC hate group on iTunes: Thomas Lifson
Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for a BAN on killer robots: DailyMail
Facebook’s Oculus patents lightweight smart glasses: David Curry


Jon Snow: Incompetent: Sonny Bunch
NFL Player Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Honors Fallen Cops With Names On Cleats: RWN
Good Riddance: C&S

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