Friday, August 11, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: New NSA Report: There Was “No Russian Hack” Of DNC Computers– It Was A Leak

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New NSA Report: There Was “No Russian Hack” Of DNC Computers– It Was A Leak: Blunt
Donald Trump has HAD IT with Mitch McConnell’s bucket of suck: Chris Pandolfo
Florida Democrats desperate to get rid of Wasserman-Schultz: Pacific

Military Veteran: The ENLIST Act Threatens National Security: NUSA
Levin: ‘We May Be on the Brink of War’: Annabel Scott
‘Dumbest Tweet of the Week’ Award Goes to… Bernie Sanders: Shifra

Trump Appoints More Judges in 200 Days Than Obama, Bush, Clinton: Fred Lucas
Washington Post Concerned Trump May Deport Fewer Illegals Than Obama: RWN
VA college student gets 100 days in jail for registering dead voters for Democrats: Exam


Top 10 Ways to Trim Health Care Spending by a Trillion: AmSpec
Public High School Selects Honors Classes by Race: Dave Blount

Scandal Central

Sy Hersh: Russia Collusion Fable Was a ‘Brennan Operation’: George Neumayr
Obama Admin. Found Out About North Korea's Mini Nukes Back in 2013 but Downplayed Report: Debra Heine
Federal Court: State Dept. Must Conduct Search of Benghazi Emails of Hillary’s Closest Advisors: JW

The Real Story Of That Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting Gets Even Stranger: Jazz Shaw
Aha: Manafort told feds about Donald Jr's meeting with the Russian lawyer: Hot Air
Democrats Rigging Election in Broad Daylight: Steven Greenhut


Authors of NY Times Palin Editorial Ordered To Give Testimony In Court: LI
MMF’S Angelo Carusone Responds: Jeffrey Lord
CNN Host Destroys Former Hillary Aide: Amber Athey


Susan Rice Tells Trump North Korea Should Have Nuclear Weapons: Charlie Spiering
What Kim Jong Un really wants: Flopping Aces
Mark Almond outlines military options against North Korea: DailyMail

Obama, Clinton and Fertilizing a Nuclear North Korea: Matthew Vadum
Islam, England, Slavery And Child Sex Rings: William Teach
Commander in chief of North Korea's nuclear force warns of mid-August strike on Guam: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Confusing Self-Driving Cars by Altering Road Signs: Schneier
WSJ claims U.S. Foxconn plant will make iPhone displays; $3B tax subsidy under fresh attack: 9to5Mac
Google Doodle Lets You DJ In Honor of 44th Anniversary of Hip Hop: i4u


When is an invasion not an invasion?: Sondrakistan
Road to Serfdom: C&S
“Nasty and Rotty” The Retro FLOTUS Friday edition: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

Trump knows enough to not go Full Retard on Little Kim, but somewhere out there a sniper has this little runt in his sights and when the moment comes his head will be delivered to Trump in a box. Hey, W ended up with Osama's head mounted in his Office, I suggest Trump go for a full cape.