Saturday, August 26, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Reports: Globalists in White House Oppose Trump’s Border Wall, Reforms

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Reports: Globalists in White House Oppose Trump’s Border Wall, Reforms: Neil Munro
Elites to Trump: Stand Still While We Punch You: George Neumayr
Here’s The Real Reason Trump Is Angry With McConnell And Ryan: Robert Donachie

Illegal Aliens Land on San Diego Shores, 12 Arrested: Toni McAllister
US Town Experiences Massive Change After Border Fence Goes Up: Kimberly J Smith
Trump pardons Joe Arpaio: Anna Giaritelli

Why They Hate Trump: Monty Pelerin
Trump, McConnell and Ryan: The Art of the Fail: Strident
Trump signs order for Pentagon to curb transgender military service: Travis J. Tritten

Maps: Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States: CIS
Say No To Marxism Event Cancelled, Organizer Destroys Antifa “Protesters”: RWN
Globalist/Fascist George Soros Floods Local DA Races in Philly: Joe Schoffstall


Levin on ‘Big Lie’ in DC: If Debt Ceiling Is Not Raised, US Will Not Default: Michael Morris
Here's How Many Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck (It's A Lot): ZH
22 Retailers Closing the Most Stores: 24/7 Wall Street

Scandal Central

Why Are Trump’s DOJ Appointees Protecting the IRS?: Hans von Spakovsky
Democrats Pressure the Federal Government to Support Racial Discrimination : NR
Hurricane Harvey Is Racist Or Something: William Teach

The Never-Ending Liberal Bait And Switch: John Hawkins
Sen. Menendez’s corruption trial request gets the shredding it deserves: Doug Powers
Menendez trial may sideline senator just as Dems plot Trump resistance: Alex Pappas

Climate, Energy & Regulations

CNN’s Acosta Plays Politics with Potentially Deadly Hurricane: Shifra
U.S. Has Gone a Record 142 Months Without a Major Hurricane Strike: Susan Jones
Hurricane Harvey: Widespread Evacuations Ordered in Texas: Weather Channel


WSJ editorial board eggs on Congress to ignore Trump and break promises: CR
Media fear Trump will inspire violence against reporters: Eddie Scarry
In Late Night Email, WSJ Editor Tells His Employees to Cover Trump Fairly: Cortney O'Brien

Jeff Dunetz to the Rabbis: Stuart Schneiderman
Frank Bruni Wants Christians Punished and Put Out of Business: Erick Erickson
Sebastian Gorka quits White House, slams Trump in resignation letter: Anna Giaritelli


Nazism is socialism, and socialism is totalitarian: Alberto de la Cruz
Trump Hits Maduro Regime With New Financial Sanctions: Will Racke
The advantages of socialism in Cuba’s Venezuela: Alberto de la Cruz

Al-Andalus Will Be Ours Again!: GoV
North Korea Has 1.2 Million Troops But Cannot Feed Them: Yahoo!
‘I told you two years ago!’ Farage fury as EU warned terrorists could come in migrant boats: Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Wikipedia study warns even good robots are unpredictable: DailyMail
New Russian stealth fighter jet revealed: Allison Barrie
“The Future Soldiers” Are Weaponized Drone Battalions: Activist Post


San Francisco Leftists Plan to Combat Free Speech With Feces: Dave Blount|
Feminist Professor Is Appalled That Women Don’t Want to Be 100 Pounds Overweight: Dave Blount

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Anonymous said...

imho, the best way to defeat the NORKS is to besiege the Country, nothing in - nothing out forever. When Kim has to eat his own children he'll give it up and return to the table of Nations.