Monday, August 21, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Terry and the (Antifa) Bandits Will Inherit the Wind

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Terry and the (Antifa) Bandits Will Inherit the Wind: Clarice Feldman
Imposing 21st Century Sensibilities on 18th and 19th Century Actions: Ned Barnett
Jefferson Memorial exhibit update will acknowledge slavery record: Joel Gehrke

Holocaust-denying New York Times Applauds Leftist/Democrat Violence: John Hinderaker
The Business Behind the Left’s Pay-to-Protest Scheme: LifeZette
The Left is waging civil war against America – and what you should do about it: FotM

A War of Religion: WRSA
The Broken Clock: Z Man
#AntiFa makes clear their principles: Darleen Click

Replacing the Republican Party: Angelo M. Codevilla
Trump Is Right: Bigotry, Violence ‘on Many Sides’: Star Parker
Chicago: 33 people shot, 6 fatally, in 13 hours: Trib


Dartmouth Prof Defends Antifa: It’s Just Self-Defense Against Nazis: Hot Air
Gold Is No More Of An Investment Than Beanie Babies: Gary Smith
Majority in U.S. Say Taxes Are Too High and Tax Code Is Too Complex: Ali Meyer

Scandal Central

Wasserman Schultz IT Staffers Likely Shared Sensitive Data with Foreign Intelligence: Disobedient
Media Matters Lies, Part MCCLXIII: David Hogberg
The Ironically Named Antifa or “Anti-Fascism” Is America’s new Ku Klux Klan: LastGreatStand

Climate, Energy & Regulations

7 things you didn't know about where solar energy is headed: John Siciliano
Steyer Critics Call Out Tax-Break ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Support for New Tesla Subsides: Susan Crabtree
The Eclipse Is Racist Or Something: William Teach|


Charlottesville is being exploited to attack freedom of speech and internet freedom: LI
Civil War Breaking Out at Fox News: Peter Barry Chowka
CNN article calls Antifa violent, but CHANGES headline when they WHINE about it…: Scoop

Coming Soon: Bannon News Network?: Hot Air
Globe and Mail: “Social networks should treat far-right extremists like Islamic State”: Robert Spencer
CNN Blatantly Covers Up ‘Antifa’ Violence For The Most Amazing Reason: RS

Do the media know what horrors they have wrought?: Alan Bergstein
Obese Fake Documentary-Maker Compares Trump Supporters to Rapists: RWN
CNN/Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis States That Trump Voters Are “Asses,” Bunch of Idiots: RWN


“The War George W. Bush Had Won, Barack Obama Had Lost”: BattleSwarm
10,000-weapons--howitzers, machine guns and grenades--intended for terrorists in Europe: Sun
More of ‘antifa’ doing a little of the old ultra-violence in Quebec: Vlad Tepes

U.S. Islamic Movement Enters Final Stage: UTT
USS John McCain collides with merchant ship east of Singapore: Exam
Damaged USS John S. McCain arrives in Singapore; 10 missing: AP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

World Population Growth: Max Roser and Esteban Ortiz-Ospina
Elon Musk and AI leaders call for a ban on killer robots: James Vincent
Replacement screens can be used to hijack your phone: Engadget


Whose Team Are You On, Anyway? Sunday Reflection: Ed Morrissey
Civil Rights Activist, Soldier, and Comedian Passed Away at 94: Sierra Marlee
Prepare To Be Amazed: MOTUS

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